Isaac Paredes Joins Exclusive Club of Mexican Home Run Hitters in MLB

Among those born within our borders and those who only have Mexican ancestry, our country can already boast that it has debuted 147 players in the Major Leagues.

The group is large, but if we go to much more specific statistics the figure can be reduced to just one or two names.

The above happens if, for example, we focus on naming all the players born in Mexico who have managed to connect at least 30 home runs in a single Major League Baseball season (MLB).

In that specific case, until this weekend the list was reduced to just one name: Vinicio Castillabut right now we can say that after 28 years Isaac Paredes officially joined the “30s club”.

All this is because Paredes, baseball player of the Tampa Bay Stripesreached the figure of 30 home runs in this campaign 2023 MLBand with that he became only the second person born in Mexico in all of history to manage to blow the barrier to such magnitude.

It was back in 1995 when “Vinny” managed to position himself as the first member of this very select list, since at that time the man born in Oaxaca registered a total of 32 full return suits with the Colorado Rockies.

After this their numbers were on the rise, because for 1996 y 1947 record 40 home runsthis so that in 1998 reached its maximum amount after it counted 46 home runs for Colorado.

In the end Castilla retired from the Major Leagues, leaving his lifetime numbers at a total of 320 home runs.

With that background now it is the turn of Isaac Paredeswho debuted in 2020 and his power with the wood has also gone up, because despite the fact that his 2022 was highlighted at reach 20 home runsnow already registered 30 and counting on the Florida Ninth.

To know: historical baseball players like Adrián “Titan” González They have also recorded 30 or more home runs in a single season, but were not born within Mexican borders.



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2023-09-26 04:31:50
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