Inauguration of Jigoro Kano Judo School Promotes Sports in Ushuaia Neighborhoods

Judo School “Jigoro Kano”

The Municipality of Ushuaia accompanied the United Union of Technical Educators of the Argentine Republic (SUETRA) in the inauguration of the “Jigoro Kano” Judo School. The president of the Municipal Sports Institute, Guillermo Navarro, and the undersecretary of Public Communication and elected councilor Nicolás Pelloli were present.

In the sports space located at the union headquarters on 1070 Puerto Español Street, run by Professor Ignacio Moraga Torres, in addition to judo, self-defense classes are taught. Navarro pointed out that “we visited a new place for sports practice, which could be achieved thanks to the joint work between the Municipality and the union.” “We believe that it is essential to decentralize sport and bring a sports school to the neighborhoods, as has been done with sports playgrounds,” he remarked, which allows “more and more boys and girls to get closer to sports.”

Finally, he mentioned that “Mayor Walter Vuoto asks us to constantly work and interact with the clubs, associations and institutions of the city, and we will continue along that path for the development of the different sports disciplines.”

For his part, Pelloli expressed that “it is important to provide neighborhoods with the opportunity for neighbors of all ages to practice sports,” and assured that “we will continue working together with SUETRA, as well as with all the clubs and federations, to achieve that objective, as requested by Mayor Vuoto”.

2023-09-18 19:47:31
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