II Las Cortes Women’s Basketball Tournament: Celebrating the Olympic Movement and Democratic Values

Six teams from different parts of Andalusia and Madrid participate from this Friday to Sunday in the II Las Cortes Women’s Basketball Tournament, promoted by the Club + Que Veteranas with the collaboration of the San Fernando City Council and the Andalusian Basketball Federation. The +35 Master is part of the September 24 commemorative program. The event takes on a special dimension this year as it coincides with the recognition that the XII Cortes Prize of the Real Isla de León makes to the Olympic movement and the democratic values ​​promoted by sport.

The Councilor for Physical Activity and Sports, Antonio Rojas, and the Councilor for Women, Equality and LGTB, Isabel Blanco, have accompanied María Jesús Ortega, president of the +Que Veteranas Club, and Adolfo Magrañal, provincial delegate of the Andalusian Basketball Federation , in the presentation. “We can’t think of a more powerful way to commemorate this award, which in a few days will officially recognize the work of the Spanish Olympic Committee, than by playing and making us vibrate with sport,” commented Rojas. The councilor has highlighted the work of + Que Veteranas “in promoting sports culture” and whom he has pointed out as “a reference in the city for their effort and solidarity.”

The Councilor for Women has stressed that “the philosophy that is promoted and breathed in this club and in each of the initiatives that they promote are an inspiration for San Fernando and a reference for this City Council, in which they will always have an ally “and collaborator. Likewise, she wanted to emphasize her influence to “fight against ageism and gender stereotypes in the universe of basketball” and sport in general.

CBP Portuense from neighboring Puerto de Santa María, Las Tortugas from Seville, Locas por el Basket from Baeza, PASEK from Málaga and Perales from Madrid join the local team in this master. The incorporation of the Perales de Madrid “represents a qualitative leap” by becoming de facto a national event, as one of its promoters has highlighted.

Two groups have been established. In A are CD + Que veteranas from San Fernando, CB Pasek from Málaga and CB Perales from Madrid. The B is made up of CB Portuense (from El Puerto), CB Tortugas from Seville and CB Lokas XL Basket from Baeza. At the initial base on Saturday each group will face each other in a league format. Depending on their classification, starting at 4:30 p.m., the final phase will take place with 3 matches. The third places in each group will play for fifth and sixth place. The third and fourth will be played by the second classified. The final will pit the first classified teams against each other. The trophy presentation is scheduled for 7:00 p.m.

“Social networks reach everywhere and have led us to play tournaments in Santander or Cartagena, places where we have been able to verify that we are not the only crazy people who continue to compete and play basketball when they are over 40, 50 or 60. For fun, to socialize and because it promotes a healthy lifestyle,” explained Ortega, who highlighted the municipal involvement and the support of the Federation and the Sports Association of Basketball Referees and Assistants (ADAAB). “Our flag is to carry the name of San Fernando throughout Spain. In this second tournament we have 10 sponsors, which means that they trust us and that we have a name and the support of the city.”

Magrañal has praised the island veterans because “doing things once is sometimes easy, but improving and maintaining a tournament like this is the most complicated, so congratulations, because you also motivate other women. We hope it continues to grow more. Any effort that we can make from the Federation to make it greater, we will do it.

The matches can be followed live from the FAB Fan application, thus making it easier for fans from different geographical locations in Spain “to follow the minute by minute and the statistics.”

Origin of the entity

The CD +QV arises from former players of the different teams that the town has had since approximately the 80s, who continue with the enthusiasm of practicing this sport. Through social networks they learned about other master tournaments +35, +40, +50, participating in Santander, Murcia, Cartagena, Málaga and confirming that there are many women with the same passion. Thus, they were established as a sports club in 2016 to carry the name of the city throughout Spain and collaborating in solidarity, cultural, environmental projects, among other areas.

Last year, the club launched the project of organizing a +35 tournament in San Fernando, being a complete success and this year they are taking a step forward with the II edition with 6 teams, which will play their matches in the municipal pavilion of the Park .

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