Ignacio Makaruk Shines in Judo Competitions, Winning Gold at Buenos Aires Games and Runner-Up at South American Championship

Ignacio Makaruk, the young promise in judo from Lomas de Zamora, won the gold medal again at the 2023 Buenos Aires Games held in Mar del Plata. He has just become runner-up in the 2023 South American Judo Championship, held last weekend in Paraguay.

Ignacio, who gained new recognition from the Municipality of Lomas, was coached on this occasion by Víctor Hugo Andrade, one of the teachers of the local Lomas Judo team. The local talent, 14 years old, carries out his physical preparation at the Eva Perón Park Contact Sports Gym, which operates under the orbit of the district’s Secretary of Sports.

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Ignacio Makaruk got his first international achievement in Judo

Currently, the judoka trains at the Victoriano Arenas Club, under the orders of teachers Ariel Sganga – members of the training team of the National Judo Team – and Javier González. Before them, he had Juan Diessler, director of Musubi Dojo schools, as a teacher; and he spent two years at the Lanús club with Narváez. However, Ignacio took his first steps with Nestor Texeira, who was his first trainer at the Lujan de Adrogué school, whom he knew from the age of 3 to 10.

In statements to Diario La Unión, Gustavo Makaruk, Ignacio’s father, expressed his satisfaction with his son’s achievements. “Paraguay was very important because it meant the country’s first exit and having been runner-up in the South American Championship helped me feel calmer with the experience gained in the Buenos Aires Games,” he said.

In addition, he provided details about Ignacio’s pace of life to maintain a balance without neglecting his educational and sports training.

“For us it is a lot of work to accompany him, we are proud to see him on the podium and know all the sacrifice he makes to train many hours every day. He does it from Monday to Friday for two hours a day and then he adds gym. Sometimes there are nights where he finishes very tired, there are days when he misses his teammates’ birthdays because he has to train and he puts his training ahead of all this,” he remarked.

And he added: “The mother returns him to school because he is there, first of all, because if he fails later it will be complicated with sports. We are happy to be able to accompany him with time, money, it is a sum of all things. Thank God we can do it and we are happy.”

Although Gustavo highlighted that, currently, “a very nice group of judokas was put together” in which his son trains, he also focused on the rigor of this year’s competition.

“We are happy to see how his teammates love him. He won the Buenos Aires Games last year and this one was much more difficult. There was more fight, the boys were more prepared and we are happy that he had the opportunity to change,” the father stressed. of Ignatius.

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