High School Baseball Clubs in Kohoku Ward Compete in Kanagawa Prefecture High School Baseball Fall Tournament

Summer Koshien championshipContinuing on,High school baseball clubs around Kohoku Wardis vibrant.

This will lead to the selection for the 96th Selection Tournament (Spring Senbatsu Koshien) to be held next spring (March 2024).“Kanagawa Prefecture High School Baseball Fall Tournament”started last week (2023) on Saturday, September 9th.

In Kohoku WardKeio University High School (Keio University High School)(Hiyoshi 4),Buso High School(Nakatehara 2),Nihon University High School(Minowa Town 2) All three schools2nd roundand each3rd roundI will be attending the game.

The match is scheduled to be played at Kawasaki’s “Todoroki Stadium,” which is easily accessible from Kohoku Ward and along the Tokyu Line. (Photo taken in July 2022)

Keio Juku High Schoolteeth,Saturday, September 16thFrom 10am at Batting Palace Aiseki Stadium Hiratsuka Baseball StadiumCollege affiliated to Shonan University of TechnologyPlay against.

The 4th round will be held from 10am on Sunday the 17th between Tachibana High School and Ishida High School.todoroki stadiumWe are planning to compete in (Nakahara Ward).

In the second round match against Maioka High School on September 10th, new captain Yugo Kato hit two consecutive home runs in his second at-bat and led the team to victory (Thirty Four Hodogaya Stadium).

With the goal of “reviving the old players,” we will strengthen the team’s strength by upgrading equipment such as laying artificial turf on the ground as part of our 80th anniversary project last year (2022).Buso High Schoolteeth,16th (Sat)From 12:30Miura Gakuenandtodoroki stadiumCompete against.

In the fourth round, they will play against the winner of Toko Gakuen and Yokohama Nanryo at 12:30 at Thirty Four Sagamihara Stadium.

Last fall, we lost to Keio High School in the fourth round, and this spring and summer, we narrowly lost in the third round.Nihon University High Schoolteeth,16th (Sat)From 12:30 at Isehara Sunshine StadiumShonan CollegePlay against.

The next day, the 17th (Sunday) from 12:30 p.m.todoroki stadiumThe fourth round will be a match between the winner of Soyo High School and Kamakura Gakuen.

I hope that Nihon University High School, which has had many opportunities to play against strong private schools recently, will have a chance to participate in Koshien (Todoroki Stadium, July 2022)

Keio Juku High School and Buso High School made it through to the 4th round.Quarter finalsIf the team wins, the 34th Hodogaya Stadium will be held from 10:00 on the 24th (Sunday).“Kohoku Ward Showdown”To.The winning team will play at the same stadium from 12:30 on Saturday the 30th.Nihon University High School block and semifinalsSince they will be competing against each other, I would like to pay attention to the performance of each of the three schools.

By the second round, there will be a venue near Kohoku Ward.Hosei Second High School(Kizuki Omachi, Nakahara Ward) and Tsuzuki Ward.Kawawa High School(Kawawa Town) also achieved victories, and it looks like it will be a fun tournament to see the success of teams from surrounding areas.

“Autumn tournament” schedule for 3 schools in Kohoku Ward (3rd round onwards)

Although there is still some severe heat remaining, it feels like autumn at the stadium with shade, making it easier to watch games (September 10th, 34th Hodogaya Stadium)

) The school name section links to the virtual high school baseball school/score introduction page.
) Information as of September 11th.Match schedules and scheduled start times are subject to change due to rain or other reasons, so please check the Kanagawa Prefecture Takanoren official website.

[3rd round]

▼Saturday, September 16th(Hiratsuka/1st match: scheduled for 10:00)

Keio Gijuku High School vs Shonan Institute of Technology High School

▼Saturday, September 16th(Todoroki/2nd match: approximately 12:30)

Buso High School vs Miura Gakuen

▼Saturday, September 16th(Isehara/2nd match: approximately 12:30)

Nihon University High School vs Shonan Gakuin

[4th round]

▼ Sunday, September 17th(Todoroki/1st match: scheduled for 10:00)

(Keio University vs Shonan Institute of Technology winner) vs (Tachibana/Ishida winner)

▼ Sunday, September 17th(Sagamihara/2nd match: 12:30 pm)

(Winner of Buso Gakuen/Miura Gakuen) vs (Winner of Toko Gakuen/Yokohama Nanryo)

▼ September 17th (Sunday)(Todoroki/2nd match: approximately 12:30)

(Winner of Nihon University/Shonan Gakuin) vs (Winner of Soyo/Kamakura Gakuen)

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[Reference link]

・Kanagawa Prefecture High School Baseball Federation official website (tournament information and viewing information also available)

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