Hertha’s Heartbreak: Berliners Lose 4-6 Despite Four Leads

As a Hertha fan, you must be going insane.

The Berliners take the lead four times (!) in Magdeburg – and ultimately lose 4:6.

Hertha bankruptcy despite being in the lead four times!

The crazy Hertha video led 4 times – and yet lost!

Source: Image 09/02/2023

Goals from Reese (2′), Winkler (22′) and Tabakovic (43′) saw Hertha go into the break 3-2 with goals conceded by Gnaka (7′) and Schuler (37′).

Quiet? Security? Not at Hertha! Ceka (49′) equalizes before Tabakovic (55′) puts Hertha back in the lead. This time for three minutes. Then Bell Bell (58th) meets 4: 4.

Then Magdeburg even takes the lead!

It is El Hankouri, who makes a bad mistake at 0:1, who slams the ball into the corner to make it 5:4 for Magdeburg. Craziness! In stoppage time, Arslan (90+3) makes everything clear.

Hertha writes history. Bankruptcy despite being in the lead four times, that’s never happened before!

What a wild ride. But because of games like this, we love football.

► Tore: 0:1 Reese (2.), 1:1 Gnaka (7.), 1:2 Winkler (22.), 2:2 Schuler (37.), 2:3 Tabakovic (43.), 3: 3 Ceka (49.), 3:4 Tabakovic (55.), 4:4 Bell Bell (58.), 5:4 El Hankouri (68.), 6:4 Arslan (90.+3)

Wiesbaden – Schalke 1: 1 (0: 0)

How bitter is this draw in labor for Schalke?

The first half is very mixed after the bankruptcies in Braunschweig (0:1) and against Kiel (0:2). Little willingness to run, a lot of standing football, but also an opponent who has little ambition to take charge.

Mohr (54th) finally gives Schalke the lead after the break. The first Schalke goal after four hours of calm. The assist comes from new signing Murkin, who was signed this week.

In added time, Reinthaler (90+5) managed to equalize. Bitter for Schalke. Wehen almost manages to score the winning goal.

► Tore: 0:1 Mohr (54.), 1:1 Reinthaler (90.+5)

Royal blue frustration Bitter billiard equalization in added time

Source: Image 09/02/2023

How – Paderborn 2:1 (1:1)

An art shot shoots Holstein Kiel to the top of the 2nd division at least until Sunday.

► 61 minutes: Kiel conquers the ball on the center line. Skrzybski sees that Paderborn goalkeeper Huth is too far in front of the goal and hits the goal from the center line.

Previously, BVB loan Rothe (31st) compensated for the earlier Paderborn lead by Leipertz (12th). Max Kruse’s comeback after a four-week injury break doesn’t change the Kiel victory. The ex-national player comes on in the 68th minute.

► Tore: 0:1 Leipertz (12.), 1:1 Rothe (31.), 2:1 Skrzybski (61.)

You have to see this! Kiel turns the game with a 40-meter dream goal

Source: Image 09/02/2023

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