Hermoso’s brother and the press officer of the women’s team hand over their phones for a dump

Jenni Hermoso’s brother and the press manager of the Spanish women’s team, Patricia Pérez, have momentarily handed over their mobile phones to the court to proceed with their submission in relation to the alleged coercion that the soccer player and her entourage received so that said that the kiss that the now former president of the RFEF Luis Rubiales gave him was consensual.

In the case of Patricia Pérez, who is related to some alleged statements that were attributed to Jenni Hermoso justifying the kiss (the Spanish Federation issued a statement with them), this procedure was carried out after she gave a statement as a witness before the judge of the National Court Francisco de Jorge, who is investigating Rubiales for crimes of sexual assault and coercion of the player.

Before her, the former director of Integrity Miguel García Caba, who was dismissed last week, has appeared before the magistrate, also as a witness. Neither of them wanted to make statements when she left the National Court.

After the statement of both in relation to these alleged coercion of the player, the judge has not seen indications that would lead to changing their situation to that of defendants and has kept them as witnesses. In anticipation of the possibility that they would finally be changed to the status of accused, the press chief has attended accompanied by a lawyer.

While these appearances were taking place, Rafael Hermoso, Jenni’s brother, who already gave a statement as a witness last Monday to confirm that the player and her entourage received pressure, went again this Thursday to the National Court to allow the court to overturn her mobile phone and that the calls and messages that came to her can be reviewed so that she allegedly interfered in the soccer player’s story about what happened in the World Cup final in Sydney (Australia).’

This round of statements will continue next Monday, October 2, with the appearance as witnesses of three national team players: Alexia Putellas, Irene Paredes and Misa Rodríguez.

On October 10 it will be the turn of former women’s coach Jorge Vilda, national team director Albert Luque and RFEF Marketing Director Rubén Rivera, all three as investigated.

2023-09-28 12:22:48
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