Here goes a high-quality mechanical derailleur: the Shimano 105

Here goes a high-quality mechanical derailleur: the Shimano 105

With this GRX, Shimano opens possibilities and combinations in gravel

With the introduction of the Shimano GRX RX820 12-speed mechanical components, Shimano continues its legacy of innovation as a creator of gravel-specific components.

Built on simplicity, reliability and experience, the new GRX 12-speed lineup offers more gearing options along with unmatched ergonomics, so riders get the most out of every adventure on the trail, wherever they are.

Focused on the essence and soul of gravel riding, the Shimano GRX mechanical receives this 12-speed update that offers top-tier performance at an affordable price. We understand that gravel is synonymous with freedom and personal choice, to choose how and where to ride, that’s why the new Shimano GRX includes three unique 12-speed mechanical transmission personalities to cover the full spectrum of possible riders and routes.

Shimano GRX 1×12 with 10-45T: Gravel for fast

Riders who like to beat their personal bests, or battle the hardest part of a race, will appreciate the gearing steps of the UNBEATABLE RX820 1×12 setup with a 10-45 cassette paired with a 40-or chainring. 42 teeth. Like its 11-speed predecessor, the RX820 offers smooth, reliable shifting. Plus, it now has a wider gear range and an extra sprocket, making it easy to find the optimal cadence to keep your position in the peloton.

This setup uses the RD-RX822-GS rear derailleur designed for use with the 10-45T cassette and includes Shimano’s integrated SHADOW RD+ chain stabilizer, which provides quieter shifting and secure chain management on rough terrain.

FC-RX820-1 – Bielas

1×12-speed Lengths: 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm Chainring Options: 40T, 42TSHIMANO HOLLOWTECH II Weight: 655 Grams (172.5mm with 40T chainring)

RD-RX822-GS – Rear Derailleur

SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ Chain Stabilizer Max Cassette Range: 45T Weight: 290 grams

CS-M8100-12 – Cassette

Freehub: MICRO SPLINE10-45T Weight: 461 grams

Shimano GRX 1×12 with 10-51T: Gravel and adventure

For single and multi-day hard climbing adventures, the new UNSTOPPABLE RX820 1×12 option features Shimano’s 10-51T cassette, paired with either a 40 or 42T chainring. This configuration is optimal for the steepest paths or high mountain ascents.

The UNSTOPPABLE 1×12-speed setup features the RD-RX822-GSG rear derailleur with integrated SHADOW RD+ chain stabilizer that is optimized for use with the 10-51T cassette.

New to this generation of GRX is the ability to change or replace the derailleur pulley between the 1×12 options. This means that if you need to replace or change the cog, you don’t have to buy a new derailleur to adapt your derailleur to your cassette.

In addition, Shimano brings to gravel its MICRO SPLINE technology, proven in MTB, with both GRX 1×12 mechanical configurations. This lightweight aluminum core design integrates seamlessly with the 10 tooth top gears and features smaller, gapped splines that limit gear damage over time.

RD-RX822-SGS (GS) Rear Derailleur

12-speed SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ Chain Stabilizer Max Cassette Range: 51T Interchangeable GS/SGS Weight: 288 grams (SGS);

CS-M8100-12 Cassette

Core: MICRO SPLINE10-51T Weight: 470 grams

Shimano GRX 2×12: Versatility

For riders looking for the best of both worlds, the new 2×12 RX820 UNDROPPABLE drivetrain uses gravel-optimized 48/31T front chainrings paired with either an 11-34T or 11-36T cassette. This setup offers an ultra-wide gear range for a comfortable cadence when rolling across flats, rough terrain, or tackling a massive backcountry climb.

This option offers precise front and rear shifting and incorporates the integrated SHADOW RD+ chain stabilizer for maximum drivetrain security on rough terrain. Holds rear cassette gear steps tighter, ideal for subtle cadence changes during competitive races and spirited weekend group rides.

The 2×12 setup fits perfectly on most 700c wheels thanks to the proven efficiency of the HG core body design.

FC-RX820-2 – Bielas

2×12-speed Crank length: 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm Chainring combination: 48-31DSHIMANO HOLLOWTECH II Weight: 721 grams (172.5 with 48/31T)

RD-RX820 – Rear Derailleur

12-speed SHIMANO SHADOW RD Chain Stabilizer + Cassette Max Range: 36T Weight: 270 grams

FD-RX820 – Front Derailleur

2×12-speed Multiple routing options with the rocker link Increased tire clearance (+2.5mm chainline vs. a road derailleur) Precise and easy adjustment with an integrated tension cable Weight: 95 grams

CS-M8100-12 y CS-HG710-12 Cassette

CS-M8101-12: 11-34T Weight: 345 grams Core: HG and HG+

CS-HG710-12 range: 11-36T Weight: 391 grams Core: HG and HG+

Updated ergonomics and brakes

The traditional ergonomics of the Shimano GRX continue with its redesigned shift and brake levers. Adding 12-speed gearing without any extra bulk on the lever, the RX820 series shifters are designed for long ride comfort using more open handlebars, a hallmark of gravel riding. By reducing pressure points and increasing surface area, your hands will feel less fatigued and you’ll have better control when testing your limits.

New GRX shift and brake levers offer a lightweight and responsive 12-speed mechanical shifting. While the GRX 2×12 UNDROPPABLE groupset left lever offers Shimano’s unmatched front smooth shifting, the new 1×12 groupsets inherit the left lever features first introduced on the original GRX: a brake lever only model. and a specific option for the post that perfectly integrates the braking and its actuation.

ST-RX820-R/L – Dual Control Lever for hydraulic disc brake

Specific ergonomics for gravel Optimized for use with ‘flared’ handlebars Anti-slip coating on the surface of the brake lever Light and effective mechanical shifting Weight: 572.5 grams (2 × 12 ST pair) Weight: 511.2 grams (1 × 12 ST pair)

ST-RX820-LA – Hydraulic disc brake and dropper post

Left brake and dropper post control lever Gravel specific ergonomics Optimized for use with ‘flared’ handlebars Anti-slip coating on the surface of the brake lever Weight: 263 grams

BL-RX820-L – Brake lever only

Left brake lever Specific ergonomics for gravel Optimized for use with ‘flared’ handlebars Anti-slip coating on the surface of the brake lever

Weight: 222 grams

Shimano GRX RX610: Getting started in gravel

For those consumers on a tighter budget, and to allow for a wider price range in gravel bikes, Shimano have updated their 600 series cranks and shifters for 1×12 and 2×12 setups using technology from the GRX800 line of components.

Highlights include anti-slip coating on the brake levers, which enhance control on uneven terrain. The new cranksets offer gear options that are specifically tailored to the demands of gravel. The RX610 2×12 crank features 46/30 chainrings and is available in 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm lengths The RX610 1×12 crank has the same four length options and is available with 38T (a new option) and 40T high-durability steel to pair with a 10-45T or 10-51T cassette.

FC-RX610-1 – Bielas

1×12-speed Length: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm Chainring Options: 38T and 40T Weight: 815 grams (With 40T)

FC-RX610-2 – Bielas

2×12-speed Length: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm Combination: 46-30T Weight: 811 grams (with 170mm and 46/30T)

ST-RX610-R/L – Dual Control Lever with Hydraulic Brakes

Specific ergonomics for gravelNon-slip coating on the surface of the brake leverLight and effective mechanical shiftingWeight: 611 grams (2×12 pair)Weight: 542 grams (1×12 pair)

BL-RX610-L – Hydraulic brake only

Left brake leverSpecific ergonomics for gravel Anti-slip coating on the surface of the brake lever

Shimano RX880 Carbon Gravel Wheels

Alongside the GRX mechanical components, Shimano is also introducing an updated carbon gravel wheel, specifically designed to withstand the rigors of dirt road riding. The new RX880 wheelset is 64 grams lighter per pair than its predecessor and features the same 32mm rim height for quicker acceleration and climbs. The RX880 wheels are tubeless ready and employ a progressive 25mm internal rim width that is suitable for tires from 32mm to 50mm wide.

Rider compatibility has been further improved thanks to the revamped DIRECT ENGAGEMENT hub design, adopted from DURA-ACE wheels, which nests easily between MICRO SPLINE and HG L2 12-speed hub bodies. Its engagement is quick and efficient, allowing for quick acceleration no matter what the driving surface. RX880 wheels are equipped with 24 J-spokes both front and rear, maximizing strength and reliability no matter what your next ride is like.

WH-RX880-TL – Tubeless Carbon Wheels

Freehub: DIRECT ENGAGEMENTRim height: 32mmInner width: 25mmFull carbon rimRecommended clincher size: 32-50mmFreehub interchangeable between MICRO SPLINE and HG L2 (Note: Not compatible with HG 11-speed Cassettes)Weight: 1394 grams (MICRO SPLINE)Weight: 1397 grams (HG L2)


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