Helia (HLI.AX) Sees 2.37% Increase in Stock Price, Is It Time to Buy or Sell?

Helia (HLI.AX) is up 2.37% over the past 24 hours (as of 10:08 am on Friday, September 1, 2023 Central European Time). A share of Helia can currently be bought for around A$2.36 on global exchanges. The current supply of Helia shares is 316 million. Helia has a current market capitalization of A$1.2 billion and approximately A$5.9 million in Helia shares have been traded on stock exchanges in the past 24 hours. Since the end of last month, Helia’s stock is up 2.65%. The simple moving average of the last 200 days is 3.12 AUD. The highest price of the last 52 weeks was recorded on 07/31/2023 with 3.92 AUD. The 52-week low on 01/02/2023 was AUD 1.5751.

Here’s how related stocks have performed over the past 24 hours:

– Bell (BFG.AX) is up 0% and is now trading at 1.01 AUD. Bell shares have a current capitalization of A$336.8 million. Bell’s current price/earnings ratio is 13.13.

Judo Capital (JDO.AX) is down -0.54% and is now trading at AUD 0.95. Judo Capital shares have a current capitalization of A$1.5 billion. Judo Capital’s current price/earnings ratio is 32.08.

– Navigator Global Investments (NGI.AX) is up 2.47% and is now trading at AUD 1.4. Navigator Global Investments shares have a current capitalization of A$343.6 million. Navigator Global Investments’ current share price to earnings ratio is 6.2.

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