Havertz not suitable for Arsenal? Arteta: Odegaard too


Mikel Arteta has returned to his body for Kai Havertz. Arteta gave an example that Odegaard and several of his players have also been called unsuitable for Arsenal, but in the end it was okay!

Kai Havertz has yet to pack a goal or assist in his three Premier League appearances. At the Community Shield event, his two golden opportunities also failed to break into City’s goal.

Arsenal fans have started to have doubts about Kai Havertz. Is the player who was recently recruited from Chelsea actually not suitable for the Gunners’ game?

Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta is getting on again. Arteta emphasized that he likes and is happy with Kai Havertz’s performance on the field!

“I really like him and I see his quality every day in training sessions. His work ethic is amazing and he can give a lot to the team,” he said. BBC.

“What Havertz lacks is just a matter of scoring goals. But for the rest, he has given his best,” he added.

Mikel Arteta gives an example. According to him, there are many Arsenal players who at first were called not good enough and in the end have now become the backbone of the team!

“Odegaard took two months to set up, Gabriel Magalhaes too. Ben White was in doubt as a full back, but he can play well there,” he said.

“It used to be said that Ramsdale would not be a good goalkeeper, now he has proven that he can. Don’t forget, Bukayo Saka used to be a full-back but now he is capable of becoming a sharp winger,” he concluded.


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