Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Loyalty to the Milwaukee Bucks: A Cause for Concern?

It is said that three clues are needed to carry out a test: Giannis Antetokounmpo now he has given two to the Milwaukee Bucks, but they are already enough to make Wisconsin fans worried. After the famous interview given to the “New York Times”the Bucks’ #34 – host of “48 minutes” – he went back to talking about his future reiterating loyalty to Milwaukee “as long as we continue to do things the right wayevery single day, sacrificing ourselves for the common good” but also leaving the door open to different solutions. “The moment I feel that the people around me are not as determined to seek victory as I am, I’m ready to do whatever it takes to keep winning. Today I am a player for the Milwaukee Bucks, but first of all I am a winner and I want to win – Antetokounmpo declared – and if there is a better situation where I can try to get my hands on the Larry O’Brien Trophy again, I’m ready to explore that solution.”

2023-09-14 17:08:38
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