Franck Dubosc Opens Up About his Private Life on the Set of ‘Quelle Epoque’

Rather discreet about his private sphere, Franck Dubosc has shared the life of a certain Danièle since 2006. If he is not really the type to open up on the subject, the famous actor nevertheless made some interesting revelations this weekend. end on the set of “Quelle Epoque”. With frankness, as always!

He is back on stage with “New Departure”, alongside her great friend Karin Viard. And obviously, in view of this film which questions the nature of a couple’s relationship after 30 years together, Franck Dubosc must have expected that some questions would be asked of him about his private life. And he answered it honestly.

Basically, the feature film questions the capacity of passion to continue or not within a couple. A not easy subject to deal with for the actor, who first chose humor to respond to Léa Salamé:

I think that… I hope my wife isn’t watching! Usually we pay attention to everything we say, but now we pay attention to what she hears. But I believe that passion exists if we believe that the other person is going to leave us. I believe the passion exists at that moment. When everything works out, after so many years, I don’t know. I’m still in love, it’s okay, but it’s only been seventeen years.

Franck Dubosc able to leave his wife? He answers

In “New Departure”, the character of Franck Dubosc leaves his wife in order to rekindle the flame. Taking the risk of separating to find himself better, a possibility for him in real life with Danièle, whom he has loved since 2006 and with whom he has two children? On the RTL set, he first answered cash… before correcting himself!

I would be able to do it. Passion exists when we are afraid of losing someone else. (…) No, no, not at all, I wouldn’t do it. But I would be afraid that she could do it. But for now, everything is fine, so we don’t need that.

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If the subject is in any case not on the agenda for the eternal interpreter of Patrick Chirac in “Camping”, we imagine that shooting this film must have made him think. But let the woman to whom he put the ring on her finger in 2009 rest assured: it is love that takes precedence, again and always, in the eyes of her man:

My wife calms me down, soothes me. She helped me love myself a little more. From the first glance, she understood who was hiding behind the mask.

Very beautiful words shared by the main interested party, whose love for her man also shines through:

I don’t know if you could call it love at first sight, but I fell in love straight away. I saw him like that, on stage, a handsome kid, with his cheekbones, smiling shyly, etc., and I said to myself: ‘How can he do this job while appearing so shy to me?’ And I immediately saw a person who was hyper sensitive, super simple, super humble in fact.

The consensus seems clear: there is little chance of seeing Franck and Danièle Dubosc imitate the characters from “New Departure”, as their love seems to not need such an electric shock. Let’s hope that it lasts as long as possible, and that happiness continues to punctuate their daily lives together!

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