Florian Wirtz on Xabi Alonso’s aura and intuition in football

“I don’t know why I do some things,” says Florian Wirtz, 20 years old. Image: Picture Alliance

Before the Bundesliga top game, Florian Wirtz talks about the power of intuition in football, the aura of his coach Xabi Alonso – and the question of whether Leverkusen can challenge Bayern this season.

The German Football Association is fundamentally asking itself how it can ensure that more players become like you – and if anyone can credibly answer this question, it would probably be you, i.e.: How do you become Florian Wirtz?

I don’t know exactly myself. Of course you have to have talent and a good education. But I think that sometimes you have to figure out your head and then play until you get the movements and feel for the movements down. This is how I worked on it myself: I played constantly.


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