First Run Archery Promotion Tournament Held in Mérida

Archery and athletics are the two disciplines that run archery combines, a modality that could be seen, and enjoyed, this past Sunday in Mérida, where a first tournament was held to promote this sporting modality that emulates biathlon, winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

25 athletes have participated in Mérida in this first Run Archery Promotion Tournament organized by the Extremadura Archery Federation as part of the Badajoz Provincial Council’s project in collaboration with the Santa Eulalia Archery Club of the regional capital.

The tournament consisted of three 200-meter sprint events that alternated with two series of shots at 20 targets (16 centimeters in diameter) in the recurve, naked, traditional, longbow and standard modalities. Despite the difficulty of running and performing the shots with the maximum possible precision, run archery was enjoyed by the competitors and all attendees, who enthusiastically welcomed a discipline that has been seen in the region for the first time.

In senior women, the gold medal went to Sofia Peral, while the silver went to Jara Santano. In senior men, the podium was completed by Alberto Gil, gold, Raúl Calvo, silver, and José Vaquero, bronze. Finally, in the mixed veteran category the first three places went to Manuel González, Pedro Antonio Fernández and Teresa Oria.

The Extremadura Athletics Federation also collaborated in the event and helped the arch team in the management of the event by providing the necessary material resources and the judges to control the times.

2023-09-20 18:14:51
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