Federer’s Emotional Farewell: Reflecting on his Doubles Career with Nadal

In 2023, the Swiss maestro will only be there as a spectator at the competition, which will be held this time in Vancouver. In an interview, his long-time rival Rafael Nadal is brought in live. And the Spaniard manages to embarrass King Roger.

With a mischievous grin, Nadal explains that he has a question for Federer himself. Then the 37-year-old asks him bluntly: “Who is your favorite doubles partner?” The five-year-old man then suddenly becomes speechless.

But then he explains: “I actually always thought that it was my wife Mirka – until a guy like that showed up.” With a wink he tells Nadal: “You can claim this for yourself. Last year it was on a different level.”

In the last game of his career, Federer, alongside Nadal, narrowly failed against the US duo Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe. Only then did things get really emotional: the pictures of the crying rivals went around the world.

But the final game of his career was not Federer’s first doubles game alongside Nadal. At the Laver Cup premiere in 2017, the two immediately won on their doubles debut (also against Jack Sock).

Federer’s allusion to his wife Mirka is also no coincidence. The young couple competed together at the Hopman Cup in 2002, but were only able to win one of the three mixed doubles. The two only met at the 2000 Olympic Games.

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