Exposing the Global Scattering: ‘Maurizio tells…’

‘Maurizio tells…’: let’s bring home the natives scattered around the world. A resource against the birth rate decline (Tuesday 26 September 2023)
THE BEST OF THE WEEK Rating of the week for Italy: 6.5 Athlete of the week (man): Riccardo Pianosi (sailing) Athlete of the week (woman): Assunta Scutto (judo) It was a week with two European titles obtained (one in teams and the other in the Olympic competition), but also with many disappointments, perhaps too many. Let’s start with the latter: the fall of Pecco Bagnaia in MotoGP, the failure of women’s volleyball to qualify for the Olympics (but with the probable anchor of repechage via ranking), the falls of Pippo Ganna and Elisa Balsamo when they were fighting for the European title of road race, the mockery of the Mixed Relay Team overtaken at the last minute by France, the nefarious World Wrestling Championships contested by our colors in Belgrade. All atrocious hoaxes, which we hope do not compromise the future, especially of the MotoGP World Championship and the possibility of finding a team again…Read about oasport Picentia Book Festival, the final day in Battipaglia The book, divided into sections, also tells of people who do not she is resigned, she has rolled up her … Maurizio De Giovanni, Modestino Di Nenna, Annella Prisco, Nicolò Noto and Tina Montinaro. Today I … Failure and hope: The silence of the choir by Mohamed Mbougar Sarr … decides not to pass down his latest work to posterity, which tells the story of 72 boys … those of Giuseppe Fantini, of the disillusioned doctor Pessoto , by Maurizio Mangialepre, a lawyer who does …

‘Maurizio tells…’

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