Elisa Aguilar: The First Woman President of the Spanish Basketball Federation

Elisa Aguilar: The First Woman President of the Spanish Basketball Federation

Elisa Aguilar will be the new president of the Spanish Basketball Federation. She takes over from Jorge Garbajosa after his departure as head of FIBA ​​Europe and will become the first woman to assume a position of extremely high prestige within national sport. She goes from being a legend on the courts, a very complete and successful step by the Competitions Directorate, in command of a sport that brings so many joys to her.

Elisa Aguilar, at the World Cup in Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan.

It’s not official yet, but nothing will stop Aguilar from passing. He received around 70 endorsements within the limit of their submission, without there being a competitor. On October 2, the date on which the Elections will be held, his transition to the presidency of the FEB will be confirmed in a course in which the Centennial of the Institution was celebrated. “Sports as a whole and the Spanish Government are proud,” acknowledged Víctor Francos, Secretary of State for Sports, at the presentation of the Endesa Women’s League 2023-24. “For his professionalism, sports career and merits,” she added. Precisely, there it was made official that he will be the new face at the head of the FEB, with that confirmation being given by the acting president, José Miguel Sierra.

The entire sport and the Spanish Government are proud of the appointment

Victor Francos

Aguilar has been a key piece in Jorge Garbajosa’s mandate at the helm of the FEB, and takes a step forward to assume a mandate that should extend from the Paris 2024 Olympic Games to cover another Olympic cycle (2028). “I am at the right time because of all the experience I have acquired and am acquiring. And I believe that I can sincerely contribute and enrich all this management that has been done in recent years and that has given us so much success,” he told MARCA. when he confirmed his candidacy, and it will be the basis for his future.

I can contribute and enrich a management that has given so many successes.

Elisa Aguilar

Elisa Aguilar.

The challenges of Aguilar continue to strive to make Spanish basketball a reference point in our sport. There is a foundation, after a summer that brought successes such as winning the U-19 World Cup in the men’s category. And there is present, with the senior teams. The men’s team is number 2 in the FIBA ​​ranking and will seek a place at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. And the women’s team comes from a great European silver medal that guaranteed their access to the universal event in the French capital.

Elisa Aguilar will also be historic. The third woman at the head of a federation, but none of the stature of basketball. “I can give a different vision “because I am a manager, a former player and also complementary to all the presidents who are and have been in this institution,” she said months ago. She is prepared and will take the big leap.

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