Doping Allegations Surround Karim Jallow: Investigation Underway by NADA

The doping suspicion continues.

Karim Jallow (26) sensationally became BBL champion with ratiopharm Ulm. But then it came out: proceedings against the veteran have been ongoing for a long time – on suspicion of doping (BILD reported). The National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) has opened an investigation against Jallow because he is said to have missed three tests in the 2021/22 season. He faces a ban of up to two years. The proceedings have not yet been completed and are currently before the German Sports Arbitration Court. A verdict is expected in the next few weeks.

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Source: BILD September 20, 2023

Jallow has now drawn the first conclusion himself! “I have deregistered from the test pool,” the guard tells BILD. For him this means that the dream of the Olympics will be buried next summer in Paris. When Jallow won the World Cup title, he was no longer part of the squad.

Background: Only players who are listed in the so-called Adams app (Anti-Doping Administration and Management System) can play for the national team. The national players are obliged to indicate their whereabouts in the app so that doping controllers can test unannounced at any time.

Jallow is classified by Nada as a U20 and senior national player in the RTP (Registered Test Pool) category. Anyone who is on this test list must ensure on their own responsibility that doping controls are possible – by entering in the app where they can be found for one hour per day for a test. The time window is from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., even on vacation or in your free time. For athletes who are not part of a national team, the requirements are less strict. Of course, he still has to complete doping tests as part of the BBL season like all other players in the league. These have always been negative at Jallow in the past.

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Jallow has support from the basketball industry!

In the new Dyn program “Bastis Corner” by ex-Bayreuth professional Bastian Doreth (34), Ulm captain Thomas Klepeisz (31) reveals interesting details: “What we know is that he missed these reporting obligations. Unfortunately, that’s how Karim lives, he’s just such an absent-minded guy. It can happen that you write him a message and don’t hear from him for three months, or that you call him twice and he doesn’t answer, and sometimes he isn’t available or can’t be found. It goes exactly in that direction.”

Is Jallow just a bowl?

There has been criticism of the control procedure for a long time. Bastian Doreth (34), athlete spokesman for the German Basketball Federation, has also received a strike. The professional (moving from Bayreuth to Nuremberg): “Realistically speaking, it has happened to everyone that they have been out for too long. Or drank one beer too many. Or stayed somewhere else than planned. Of course, you don’t always think about updating it in the Nada app.” Ulm legend Per Günther (35) also takes Jallow’s side. He recently tweeted: “The existing system is completely disproportionate.”

However: Jallow violated his duties not only once, but also produced three so-called “strikes” within 12 months. Jallow on the upcoming verdict: “It’s a pending case, I don’t know when a verdict can be expected. I’m blocking it all out. I have to. And I will fight.”

The fact is: As long as no verdict is made, Jallow will play for champions Ulm – just no longer for the national team. With his decision to withdraw, he has temporarily taken away his dream of the Olympics in Paris. If Jallow shows the same performance this season as in the championship year, he would certainly be part of the expanded squad.

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