Develop the plan ‘A happy plate’ at the General El Caimito Basic Educational Center

Develop the plan ‘A happy plate’ at the General El Caimito Basic Educational Center

The Dr. Foundation Clown PTY started his project called “A Happy Dish” at the General Basic Educational Center the starlocated in Capira, West Panama.

This campus has an enrollment of 191 students, 10 educators and 135 parents.

On the day of the delivery, a caravan began from the capital to the community. Arriving that human warmth overflowed and that good vibe from everyone who was waiting, from the little ones, educators and parents.

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all they got down to work to download all donations, which were brought to them. One ton of fortified rice, kit plates, glasses and spoons for each studentwater, clothing and shoes for adults and children, medicines, hand gel, textbooks, canned food and grains.

Those responsible for filling with color were the Miss Month and the Dr. Bowtiewho between educational games, motivational messages, laughter and gifts gave that touch that they know how to put to each of their interventions and visits.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen the mothers of the family were in charge of preparing that first lunch. Yes, the first, since the project consists of guaranteeing them lunch five days a week.

The community also surprised the entire visiting team, since they had a table full of fruits, legumes, vegetables and other foods which was his humble way of saying gracias.

As an organization it is of great pride and satisfaction poder start this pilot plan by sthese are extendable months.

This project is expected can continue to hold in this school and can also be replicated in other educational centers, communities and canteens.

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