Dennis Schröder Celebrates World Championship Win and Birthday in Hometown Braunschweig

As of: September 12, 2023 8:51 p.m

A celebration with fans is planned in Braunschweig after the entry in the Golden Book. (archive image)

Basketball world champion Dennis Schröder signed his name in the Golden Book of his hometown Braunschweig on Friday. Mayor Thorsten Kornblum (SPD) said on Tuesday that he was very pleased that the captain of the German team would be celebrating with “his city” just a few days after the great success. After a celebration with invited guests in the Old Town Hall, the NBA professional will step out onto the balcony and celebrate with the fans. Schröder will also be 30 years old on Friday. The German team won the World Cup final against Serbia in Manila on Sunday and thus secured the title for the first time. Schröder was voted the best player of the World Cup tournament. After returning from the Philippines, the team was enthusiastically welcomed by around 1,000 fans in Frankfurt am Main on Tuesday.

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