Dallas Mavericks Renew Faith in Markieff Morris with One-Year Contract Extension

The Dallas Mavericks have decided to continue counting on Markieff Morris. As they assure from the media ESPNthe power forward has signed a one-year contract with the Texans, who still had a free spot on their roster, to continue with them during the 23-24 season.

Morris landed in Dallas along with Kyrie Irving as the second piece of the Mavs’ big transfer in February, but after that he played in just eight games. In them, his meager 4.5 points and 1.5 rebounds did not seem to fall in love with the franchise, which has waited until mid-September to make a decision on the matter, but has finally chosen to bring him back with the hope that he can contribute anything else.

The truth is that during the 22-23 season, Morris’ court appearances were more the exception than the normal, even when he played for the Nets. Although his twin brother Marcus seems to have had a somewhat more solid career, Markieff has been for many years a very capable player prepared to add on both sides of the court, but at this point it seems difficult for him to be able to give that to the players. Mavs. A priori, he arrives to be one of the last men in the rotation, although we will see if he manages to surprise and have more weight than expected.

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This movement does, however, give some interest to Denver-Dallas on November 3, since Markieff has unfinished business with Jokic since their clash in 2021 and has assured that he has not forgotten about them. Although it was Morris himself who started that conflict with an ugly elbow to Nikola, he hit him back with more force and caused an injury that kept him sidelined for many months, and they have not seen each other since then. It’s not clear what he plans, but if he goes out on the track we might have some unpleasant incidents that day.

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