Crisis in Marseille: The Role of Stéphane Tessier in Saving OM

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Crisis in Marseille, the savior of OM revealed?

Published on September 26, 2023 at 2:00 p.m.

The president of OM, namely Pablo Longoria, filed a complaint after the threats he received from OM supporters, leading to the opening of a judicial investigation in Marseille. At the heart of all these upheavals, Stéphane Tessier continues his mission at OM to finance the club’s sporting project in particular.

Pablo Longoria is in a delicate periodABOUT. Between the threats of which he was the victim made by certain associations of supporters of theMarseille Olympicduring a meeting between the two parties, or the resignation of Marcelino from his position as coach, the president of theABOUT said he would file a complaint last week.

An investigation opened in Marseille

At the same time, an investigation was opened by the Marseille prosecutor’s office this week regarding the said threats and intimidation mentioned by Pablo Longoria. At the heart of all these upheavals, OM must find a successor to Marcelino whose interim position is provided by Jacques Abardadonado Currently. The name of Christophe Galtier has come back insistently in recent hours.

Not shaken, Stéphane Tessier continues his mission to finance Longoria’s project at OM

And behind the scenes, a man does not seem shaken by the ambient earthquake in Marseille: Stéphane Tessier. The administrative and financial director of theABOUT, close to family Christophe Galtier, would not have been marked by these episodes according to sources contacted by L’Equipe. And for good reason, Tessier went through theASSE between 2010 and 2015 and “would have seen others” according to the relatives in question while he was the general director. Due to his ability to play with numbers, Tessier often finds financial solutions to help finance the sports sector of Pablo Longoria well spent. In these hard times, Tessier could be of great help to loon.

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