Controversial Decisions and Surprises: Julian Nagelsmann’s First Visit to Munich

By: Walter M. Straten

Yes, one could have expected that Julian Nagelsmann would make his first visit to Munich: Hello, I am your new national coach…

But what would Nagelsmann have gained from it? He knows his Bayern Pappenheimers anyway. And of the five different goalscorers in the 7-0 win, he can only nominate Leroy Sané for the national team.

Nagelsmann’s assistant Sandro Wagner, on the other hand, sat in Dortmund and experienced exciting things.

The fact that Edin Terzic put his controversial captain Emre Can, who was appointed at the start of the season, on the bench sounds like an act of desperation!

1. Desperate act by Terzic

Tackling his team boss is often a coach’s last resort. As a reminder: Hansi Flick changed the captain (Gündogan for Kimmich) before the Japan game, blew the last bullet and lost his job.

Terzic, on the other hand, had the shot! Of all people, the resigned captain Marco Reus turns up the heat and saves BVB with his goal – and also his coach. Well, Terzic has also gotten rid of his shadow man Nagelsmann. Worked out well for him…

Hot striker candidate! Will HE be the first Nagelsmann surprise?

Source: BILD September 24, 2023

Two questions remain:

► Does Terzic reverse his captain-can decision and tie the thing back to Reus? Or the resurgent Hummels? Or goalkeeper Kobel? Conveniently, he always plays and would prevent a constant discussion.

► Does Wagner recommend that his boss Nagelsmann nominate Reus for the USA tour in October? He can still do it!

Will Nagelsmann have to look for the striker somewhere else – and find him at his former club Hoffenheim? Maximilian Beier (four goals in five games) is a hot candidate.


One more bad ending: Frank “Buschi” Buschmann exceeded the limit of tolerability as a Sky conference commentator for the Bayern game. Subscription payers have long tolerated the fact that shouting is part of their basic tone.

Why does he have to get upset with fans like a bad-tempered senior teacher just because they take photos with their cell phones?

Recommendation on behalf of many spectators: Please send “Buschi” to the next Heidenheim game as a solo commentator to cool off…

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