City-Ring Water System Park: A Hub for Sports Events and Vitality

Since its opening, the City-Ring Water System Park has organized and hosted more than 80 sports activities and events, playing a pivotal role in sports events – a city-ring water system inspires unlimited vitality

2023 International 3×3 Basketball Women’s Tour (Baoding Station).

2023 Baoding City’s First National Fitness Conference Healthy Dance Competition Around the City Water System.

2023 Baoding City’s First National Fitness Conference.

2023 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Children’s Scooter Open.

2023 Baoding Marathon.

Baoding Evening News reporter Zhang Jie correspondent Liu Lu

In the evening of mid-autumn, I walked along the Nanhuandi River to Nandi Park. The water was clear, the shore was green, and the scenery was picturesque. In the comprehensive stadium of the park, badminton courts, table tennis courts, basketball courts, football fields, etc. are arranged in sequence. Many citizens are enjoying sports and leisure here.

Wang Zheng, a nearby resident, told reporters: “This park is the ‘sports ground’ in front of my home. My wife and I come here to play badminton every night, and we feel comfortable sweating.”

Nandike Park is one of the construction contents of the city-ring water system park project. The project includes 6 theme parks, 3 pocket parks, 3 linear parks and a full marathon track around the city’s water system. With water as a link, it has built flood channels, ecological corridors, leisure walks, cultural post roads, Waterfront spaces such as sports tracks, etc.

“Baoding is a city of sports and a city of champions. In order to polish the city’s ‘golden business card’, the city-ring water system project designed a ‘sports +’ model at the beginning of planning, that is, sports + culture, sports + art, sports + science popularization etc., by organizing sports activities and undertaking sports events to highlight the city’s unique spiritual style.” Wang Heqiang, deputy general manager of Guangdong Urban Operations, said that the water park around the city has also built professional sports venues, including basketball courts, football fields, badminton courts, There are more than 70 table tennis courts and tennis courts, and more than 40 various camps such as professional sports event camps, extreme sports camps, car camps, wetland science camps, and rock climbing sports camps.

As a shining pearl in Baoding City, the Huancheng Water Park has played a decisive role in sports events since its opening on New Year’s Day this year. The beautiful environment and spacious venue provide an excellent venue for various events.

The 2023 Baoding Marathon, a 42.195-kilometer water track around the city, is like a jade belt, stunning the whole city.

In the 2023 International Women’s 3×3 Basketball Tour (Baoding Station), athletes from more than 20 countries gathered in the ancient city, setting off a national sports craze.

In the 2023 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Children’s Scooter Open, more than 260 young players from more than 10 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities competed passionately and challenged themselves.


There are constant events and exciting events. According to statistics, up to now, the Huancheng Water System Park has organized and hosted more than 80 sports activities and events.

The holding of a series of municipal and provincial events fully demonstrates the ability of the city-ring water system to host major events. In order to help build a strong city in sports, encourage citizens to continue to strengthen physical exercise, lead citizens to actively participate in sports, and create a new trend of dynamic and healthy life, the water system park around the city has become an important fulcrum for the development of urban sports, and is also a hub for national fitness and national health. A vivid practice of integration.

In August, the city’s first national fitness conference series, the city coordinate orienteering competition, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Children’s Scooter Open and the healthy dance competition, were successively held in the Huancheng Water System Park. Among them, the city coordinate orienteering race attracted more than 300 running enthusiasts from running associations, orienteering groups and family groups to participate, which greatly stimulated the masses’ enthusiasm for sports.

Citizen Di Caiyun participated in the orienteering race for the first time. She said with emotion: “After the completion of the city-wide water system park, various competitions have increased significantly. While I insist on running to improve my physical fitness, I have also met many like-minded runners. , I hope more events like this can be held in the future, and I want to bring more relatives and friends to participate.”

Vibrant interpretation, healthy life. Under the guidance of one event after another, sports have been integrated into people’s daily lives, and the water park around the city has helped make national fitness more life-oriented. “Using the role of the water park around the city to host sports events, while competing, it also fully demonstrates the city image of Baoding, achieving multiple goals with one stone.” Wang Heqiang said that in the future, the park will continue to host more exciting events and encourage more citizens Integrate into sports and fitness, feel the charm of sports together, and share a quality life.

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