Ciryl Gane wins against Serghei Spivac and cements her status

At the Accor Arena in Bercy

The French heavyweight from the MMA Factory team checked by Fernand Lopez played very big in this fight against a fighter lower ranked than him. A loss would mean having to go on a long winning streak to, perhaps, claim to fight for the belt again. His opponent Spivac is renowned for his excellent judo, clean although not very explosive. The opportunity for Gane to show his progress in the wrestling phases, which cost him two title fights.

In the first round, Gane did Gane: relaxed, calm, he constantly changed guard, hitting the body and the head in a rhythmic rhythm. Spivak attempted a takedown which ended with a nice sprawl from Gane who came out of his attack with a violent knee strike. The fight seemed easy for Gane who dominated thanks to his exceptional talent in Thai boxing. Spivak was unarmed and was being rained down on by jabs that were wearing him down at high speed. In the second recovery, the public expected an acceleration would not fail to come. Ciryl began to land more low-kicks to wear down Serghei even more. Gane was on target with his back to the cage at times, but his remarkable mobility for a heavyweight was not faulted. He ended up framing it in turn, opening gaps with his knees, and finishing the job with flexibility at the end of the second round.

“Good kid” reinforces his status as a challenger for the heavyweight belt, facing a gifted fighter in wrestling who will not have succeeded in putting him (at all) in difficulty.


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