Chinese Women’s Singles Sweep Quarterfinals at Hong Kong Badminton Open

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Hong Kong Badminton Open: Chinese team women’s singles all passed

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, September 14 (Reporter Wei Hua) The 2023 Hong Kong Badminton Open will continue on the 14th. The three women’s singles players of the Chinese team, Han Yue, Wang Zhiyi and Zhang Yiman, all advanced to the quarterfinals.

On September 14, Chinese player Wang Zhiyi was competing.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Binghui

Han Yue, the No. 6 seed in the tournament, went through three tough games that day. During the conversation with Indonesian golfer Valdani, Han Yue entered the state quickly and won the first game at 21:12. In the second game, Valdani scored consecutively in the middle of the game. Although Han Yue started chasing points at the end of the game, he still lost the game at 18:21. In the deciding game, Han Yue, who had an advantage at the beginning, was chased to a 14-level tie by his opponent. Then the scores of both sides increased alternately. At the critical moment, Han Yue played extremely patiently. After several multi-shot rounds, he finally won the game with difficulty at 21:19. Her opponent in the quarter-finals was Malaysian player Wu Jintian.

Han Yue said after the game: “Today’s play was relatively normal. The opponent’s ball in front of the net had some characteristics. When I was pressed in the backcourt, some of the balls I handled did not keep up with the speed, resulting in low quality. I need to summarize this carefully. “

In the other two games, Thai player Li Meili retired in the second game, and Wang Zhiyi won and advanced. Zhang Yiman defeated Chinese Taipei player Hsu Wen-chi 2:0 and will have a direct dialogue with Wang Zhiyi in the next round. In addition, Spanish star Marin reversed German female player Li Yifeng 2:1.

In the mixed doubles competition, the Chinese team was happy and worried. Guo Xinwa/Wei Yaxin scored 8 points in a row after falling behind at 13:19 in the third game, defeating a Malaysian pair 2:1; Cheng Xing/Chen Fanghui was eliminated.

In addition, the national badminton men’s doubles team Chen Boyang/Liu Yi and the women’s doubles team Keng Shuliang/Zhang Chi both lost and missed the promotion.

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