Chile and Canada’s Fate Hangs in the Balance: Doubles to Decide the Series

Chile ties and the series against Canada will be decided in the doubles. Jarry by a double 6-4 after a great start to both sets sealed the victory against Diallo.

Chile dreamed of qualifying for the Malaga Finals, but to do so they first had to beat Canada. The Canadians without big names were being the great revelation this group stage after already being classified in the group that takes place in Bologna of Italy, Sweden and Chile. Now all the pressure was on Massú’s pupils. In the first duel of the eliminatory Tabilo fought, but ended up losing to the Canadian Galarneau. Now it was Jarry and Diallo’s turn.

Jarry makes Chile dream

Nico Jarry began with one more march, knowing the importance of the party for the interests of his country. A break in the first game of the match and the confirmation of it sent it up to 2-0. From that moment on, services began to prevail. Jarry looked at his bench again and again and showed signs of being very comfortable. Diallo did not demand much from him and everything seemed to be on track for the interests of Latin Americans. Right at 5-4 and serve to close the set, a 0-30 gave the Canadian wings. Jarry’s service appeared and after four consecutive points with an ace made it 6-4 in the first set.

The start of Jarry’s set was brilliant again. Nine consecutive points took him to 2-0 and he began to see victory even closer. Same trend in the second round and Diallo who once again found sensations with his serve, but it was not enough since he needed the break no matter what to continue with a chance of victory. At 5-3 Chile was close to a tie. Diallo made it 4-5 and put all the pressure on Chile. With 30-30 the next point was vital. It fell to Jarry who was reaching the first point of the match. Diallo saved her and also had a break ball. Everything was a scare and in the end Jarry achieved victory and tied the series against Canada.

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