Chaos Erupts: Godoy Cruz vs. Belgrano Match Marred by Incidents and Suspensions

Belgrano tied 0-0 on their visit to Godoy Cruz, in Mendoza, for the fourth date of the 2023 Professional League Cup. The match was played at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in Mendoza, with refereeing by Leandro Rey Hilfer.

Godoy Cruz-Belgrano was stopped 29 minutes into the first half due to incidents that began outside the stadium between Godoy Cruz’s people and the police. Tear gas even entered the stands.

Then, the game resumed for a few minutes, but Godoy Cruz fans even jumped onto the playing field and the referee had to stop the game. It restarted at 38.

With this result, the light blue team reaches six points, while the Mendoza team has the same amount. On the next date, Pirata will be home to Platense, on Thursday at 5 p.m. Tomba will go to Santa Fe to visit Unión, the same day, at 9 p.m.

What happened in the match between Godoy Cruz and Belgrano for the 2023 League Cup

Through the hands of Nahuel Losada, Belgrano went to halftime with a scoreless tie, because the team lacked determination in the final meters and never managed to overcome the home defenders.

Godoy Cruz was superior to the visitors and at times exposed all the shortcomings of the Cordoban midgame. But Tomba collided with an impeccable Losada that neutralized four very clear chances of taking the lead.

The stain on the match was the stoppage of the game due to incidents outside the stadium that were transferred inside the stadium due to the gases released by the Police and because some fans from the Malvinas Argentinas stands threw stones at the uniformed officers who repressed those who were fighting. for entering with the game underway.

It is a tie because of Losada and because the home area is unknown territory for the Pirate.

In the second half and with some changes, Belgrano had more prominence in the first minutes and was able to reach the goal thanks to an intervention by Alejandro Rébola after a stopped ball.

But Belgrano got a puncture and once again needed an enlightened Losada to prevent Godoy Cruz from beating him. Losada’s save on Conechy was impressive.

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