Bolivian cargo in the port of Matarani grew by 55% |

Published by Alejandro VillalobosSeptember 28, 2023LOGISTICSVisits 7

The Port of Matarani in Peru has experienced an impressive 55% increase in the movement of import cargo to Bolivia.

According to the Port Services Administration of Bolivia (ASP-B), between January and August of this year, an increase was recorded in the movement of import cargo to Bolivia through the Peruvian port of Matarani, totaling 101,220.68 tons.

This increase is a reflection of the economic reactivation that Bolivia is experiencing. The Port of Matarani has the appropriate infrastructure and conditions for the reception, transfer, collection, storage and dispatch of cargo, being an efficient option for Bolivian international trade.

This growth in cargo mobilization is a positive sign for trade between Peru and Bolivia, and shows the potential of the Port of Matarani as an important logistics center in the region. With its modern and efficient infrastructure, the port is well positioned to handle a growing volume of trade in the coming years.

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