Boca suffered an unexpected loss on the last day of the transfer market

Boca enjoys lowering the tension levels after having surpassed Racing for the quarterfinals of the Libertadores Cup in a very close series that was able to resolve favorably on penalties thanks to the giant figure of Tiny Romero.

However, the copera action cannot distract him from the local level and Jorge Almiron He is already thinking about the assembly of the 11 holder for the third date of the League Cup contra Tigre in the Bombonera, where he will have a loss for the team structure because Esteban Rolón finally agreed to join belgrano From Cordoba.

The central steering wheel that was claimed by Central Rosary y Newell’sfinally leaned towards the Pirate Cordoba and will join the ranks of the team of William Farre and will put the hook for the next 18 months on loan.

The central midfielder who had steps for Argentine Juniors y HurricaneHe arrived at the club in mid-2021 and was never able to establish himself as a starter, with the shirt xeneize He played 36 games, did not score goals and gave an assist.

Relegated in the consideration of Jorge Almirón since in that position he naturally has Equi Fernandez, Jorman Campuzano o Paul Fernandezthe latter a little more improvised, goes in search of more minutes of play that he could not have with the Boquense shirt.

In the next few hours the leadership will hold a conversation with the DT xeneize to make the decision to incorporate one more central midfielder to replace the loss of shifty.

2023-09-01 16:28:40
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