Benoît Saint Denis wins his fight against Thiago Moises

By Louis Lecomte

Posted yesterday at 10:55 PM, Updated just now

Benoît Saint-Denis. Romain de Sigalas.

At the Accor Arena in Bercy

The French veteran of the special forces wins with overwhelming domination his fight against the Brazilian Thiago Moises, and should officially enter the top 15 of the lightweights, the highest weight category of the organization. In his corner there was Daniel Woirin (main and specialized foot-fist coach), Christophe Savoca (ground) and Guillaume Peltier.

The fight is momentarily stopped after an unintentional blow to Moises’ shell. The latter took full advantage of the stop to break the rhythm of the entry. A second stop for the same reason was pronounced a few moments later. The fight resumed. BSD hits, head and body, takes to the ground, leads the pace. While his opponent is under him, he elbows him violently which brings blood to his opponent’s face. The first recovery is totally to his advantage.

In the second BSD continues its artillery work. Moses drips with blood. He attempts to use his jiu jitsu but Benedict is leveled up. With only a few tens of seconds left in the second round, Benoît Saint-Denis brought his opponent to the ground and kicked him. Lack of reaction from his opponent, the referee stopped the fight on TKO. A victory that does not suffer from any dispute, “God of war” having clearly outclassed its opponent on all fronts.


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