Ben Kisimolo: The Multilingual Rapper Spreading Messages of Motivation and Simplicity

It’s on a basketball court and a trendy parking lot in Calgary that Ben Kisimolo invites us to film a video for his song Gucci & Luis.

Many languages

Like many young people, it was in secondary school that Ben Kisimolo began singing. The young artist, who sings in French, English and Swahili, explores rap and Afrobeat. Sounds that fit his style and ideas.

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Part of the team of dancers and artists from the collective team BMB is rehearsing in Alberta.

Photo: Ben Kisimolo

Very quickly, he began to collaborate with artists from different backgrounds. Dancers, producers or friends who have a good pen join him. This is how B&B production was born.

We started learning software, found microphones, and put plays on YouTube to see how friends reacted.

Among his collaborations, we find Sammy B the Micafella , Willy Synpes , Papa G, Romeo, Luc Luanda, OG Ben et Megane. Names that may not be known to the general public, but are leaving a mark on the hip-hop scene.

Ben Kisimolo also loves Latin American culture and influence. The desire to explore is really strong in the rapper.

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The artist Sammy B the Micafella collaborates with the young rapper for certain projects.

Photo: Ben Kisimolo

Ben Kisimolo says his artistic adventure began with a group of friends. Together, they were looking for a way to combine dance, fashion and music.

With his collaborators he therefore co-founded two companies, BmBProductions et TeamBmB Apparel. The small group of creators organizes shows, produces music videos, records songs and designs clothes for trendy youth.

These different activities allow Ben Kisimolo to deliver his message of simplicity and motivation. Moreover, during the filming of the videos, Victoria Antoine takes a lot of photos. She acts as a marketing manager and model for the company.

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Victoria Antoine takes photos and videos for the artist’s social networks.

Photo : Radio-Canada / Geneviève Murchison

A connected youth

When the Connexion magazine team asked him to shoot a video of one of his songs, he suggested several trendy spots in Calgary, just to show off the art and beauty of his adopted city.

From High Park near the Tower to an artist-decorated basketball court, the locations are both hip and vibrant with public art. The rapper delivers his performance 10 times for the cameras following instructions.

Ben Kisimolo is naturally calm, focused and very professional. He also has a professional studio in his condo. Pieces often begin with melodies.

Currently, he likes Drill, a category of hip-hop that originated in Chicago. He is working on his first album. He also offers performances here and there in schools and festivals. His songs also sometimes talk about love, girls, dancing and the art of living well.

My goal is to send messages to young people and people who are having difficult times in life. Work hard and don’t give up, you’ll be fine.

The song he chose for the performance at Connexion goes further. The room Gucci & Luis is intended to be a message for young people. That everything is possible. That we can live without the luxuries or the idea of ​​a material life that the media projects.

Taking a look at Spotify, you can’t help but smile. With iconic titles, 2 Am, La cite by Ben Motion, his stage name, we immediately know that he is attached to his French-speaking world. But also, how young and moving his art is!

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