Barça Comes from Behind for an Overtime Victory against Zunder Palencia in Endesa League Debut


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The Blaugranas dominated Zunder Palencia 25-35 at the beginning of the third quarter and lost 67-60 with 1:48 left.

Lapro forced extra time by scoring a free throw, trying to miss the second and tying after the rebound and Willy and Satoransky stood out there

Barça was about to suffer self-confidence when they seemed to have the game under control in the great debut party in the Endesa League at home to a Zunder Palencia that won 67-60 with 1:48 left to end up falling 83-84 in overtime who was in charge of forcing a sensational Laprovittola and in which two triples from Satoransky and the good work of Willy Hernangómez were able to withstand the scoring emergence of Yannick Franke.







(18+7+23+24+11): Brandon Brown (21), Vitor Benite (10), Chumi Ortega (4), Tanner Leissner, Anzejs Pasecniks -cinco inicial-, Yannick Franke (19), Keye Van der Vuurts (6), Matt Haarms (13), Ousmane Ndiaye (5), Mathieu Kamba (5) and Agustín Ubal.


(19+15+16+22+12): Tomas Satoransky (9), Nico Laprovittola (20), Nikola Kalinic (4), Oscar de Silva, Willy Hernangómez (21) -starting five-, Jabari Parker (8), Rokas Jokubaitis (4), Àlex Abrines (9), Joel Parra (9), Darío Brizuela, James Nnaji and Oriol Paulí


Miguel Ángel Pérez Pérez, Carlos Cortés and Fabio Fernández. No eliminations due to personal fouls.


Match corresponding to the second day of the Endesa men’s basketball league played before some 5,000 spectators in a packed Palencia Municipal Sports Pavilion.

In the first official visit in its history to the capital of Palencia and with a sensational atmosphere in a Municipal de los Deportes that vibrated with the club anthem, the big news in Barça key was the Jan Vesely out due to physical problemswhich should multiply Willy Hernangómez’s minutes and give Nigerian James Nnaji more options to play.

In front, a team that is all illusion and that already exhibited the strength of its block under the orders of Marco Justo with the promotion to the Endesa League from the LEB Oro when it did not even have one of the largest budgets. The Castilians have resolved Iván Cruz’s injury with Ousmane Ndiaye, on loan from Baskonia.

That whole atmosphere silenced him. with his mastery a Nico Laprovittola who has started the season even better than in his two sensational seasons as a Barça player. The Argentine handled the first seven minutes as he wanted, with nine points (3/4 in triples), two assists and a +9 rating. He was supported by a remarkable Willy Hernangómez with eight points and four rebounds, but with an unacceptable 0/4 in free throws.

Zunder Palencia reacted after Lapro’s third triple (9-17, min. 5:21) by securing the defensive rebound and with Franke’s eight points as a great offensive reference. If we add to this that Darío Brizuela was in one of those days in which his plasticity does not translate into positive actions, it is explained that the locals closed the first quarter only one down after a three-pointer from eight meters from the Dutch (18-19). And he missed a three-point shot at the buzzer.

Zunder Palencia stood up in the first quarter


Only in part because of the Barça defense, The local team finished the second quarter with a very sad 1/10 in shots from two and 1/7 in triples which, together with the eight losses, was a heavy burden that he managed to mitigate with the eight offensive rebounds that gave him more attacking options and subtracted eight visitor offensive actions.

Very cold the second quarter of a Willy Hernangómez with serious jumping problems (it is no secret) that he could not beat the Dutchman Haarms (2.21 m) with the basket of two and the ‘3+1’ Joel Parra plus a triple by Àlex Abrines as the best actions of a Barça that works much better with Lapro on the court and who usually lacks ideas when the one from Morón rests. At halftime, 25-34.

The key in the first half had been success and as soon as the defensive intensity dropped the visitors began to do their thing, two ‘players’ like Brandon Brown (eight points and one assist) and Vítor Benite (a basket of two and a triple ) to bring the people of Palencia closer to a single point and forcing Roger Grimau to stop the game (40-41, min. 23:26).

Willy Hernangómez must be more intense under the rings


And Haarms completed the comeback (42-41) by beating Hernangómez with authority. That he can’t handle Walter Tavares is understandable. That he shrinks before the former Skyliners Frankfurt player is already starting to be a much more serious problem. When things were worst, Barça’s defensive males tightened with Jabari Parker as a reference in attack and take five income points (45-50) before the Dutch ‘giant’ closed the quarter with an incredible three-pointer. The key was to match Zunder Palencia’s desire, something that had not happened after the break.

In the midst of chaos, Barça seemed unable to stop the locals’ fast pace while the rebound disadvantage was already 38-29. Yes, Willy, in addition to being 2/8 in free throws, had seven… but Ndiaye had already caught 11 and Haarms was up to 15 points. Zunder Palencia came to dominate by six points (61-55 with 4:31 left) and by seven after an unforgivable back door from Franke (65-58).

Roger Grimau’s team suffered in defense because his rival attacked Lapro with intelligence and in attack with a three-pointer released by Brizuela that went to the edge of the board as an example. There, Barça did beat him with the ‘brain’ of Laprovittola, a ‘2+1’ from Hernangómez and a triple from Abrines to attack within two points (70-68) with 18.2 ahead.

James Nnaji contributed five rebounds without points


‘Just’ foul on Satoransky with 5.6 left (he only scored one), local timeout, two free throws scored by a promising Van der Vuurst with 4.1 left, another time and Lapro was fouled down when he was shooting for three… but he scored the first, missed the second, grabbed the rebound and forced overtime. From Moron!

The best Willy Hernangómez since his signing, despite 3/11 in free throws, put the Blaugranas ahead in extra time (75-76) just before a three-point clinic with two impressive ones from Franke, the result only of his scoring quality and others. two from Satoransky in very well-conducted attacks to make it 81-82 with 26.8 left.

There a foul by Joel Parra (key in the final defensive rush) while trying to steal took Franke to the line with 13.3 to go (83-82), but the foul on Lapro and the two free throws scored gave Grimau’s men an agonizing 83-84 victory after Franke missed the final shot. Yes, the team cast him out when he had it worst, but that’s what you have to trust.

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