Aspe wins the San Mateo business challenge

Aspe stayed this Saturday with the traditional business challenge of the San Mateo fair. The hard-fought individual victories of Salaberria, in the Cuatro y Medio, and Peio Etxeberria, in the head-to-head, allowed them to take the 900 bottles of oil against the Baiko pelota players. Jaka and Mariezkurrena II, for their part, imposed logic in the pair’s duel against Elordi and Tolosa, who could do little against the power of Berriozar’s defender.

The ‘cage’ allowed the Colorados to score their first point in a game that was a give and take almost until the final moments. Salaberria did damage with the serve, but saw how things became complicated for him because his rival managed to take him out of his comfort zone. Agirre righted the course in time and, with a couple of good attacks, had a four-point lead (5-9). But the man from Goizueta remained focused and took advantage of his opportunities to push everything.

In the second half of the match, Agirre had a three-goal advantage late in the game (12-15), but Salaberria once again used his initial play to regain confidence and, more completely, managed to take the victory.

In the pairs duel Elordi returned after recovering from his problems on the right and, with a Tolosa that had played on Friday night, they could do little against Jaka and Mariezkurrena II. The result says it all. The Navarrese defender was in charge of playing the music and his rivals had to be more focused on defending than anything else. And with Mallabia’s goal surpassed, it was enough for Jaka to choose the moment to finish.

The final is played this Sunday

The hand-to-hand duel decided the challenge. Peio Etxeberria and Artola had a good confrontation in which the Navarrese started better, but in which the Gipuzkoan managed to hold on almost until the end. It was after the tie at fourteen when the Colorado striker put the finishing touch to the game with good shots.

The final of the San Mateo fair takes place this Sunday (5:00 p.m.). Ezkurdia and Rezusta face Zabala and Zabaleta. The first ones will come out as favorites, but those who will wear blue transmitted good feelings in their previous meeting and can stand up to them.

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