Arda Güler Makes Long-Awaited Return to Real Madrid After Injury

The moment has come. After days and weeks of endless waiting, Arda Güler is now ready to play. The brand new signing of Real Madrid It has been recovered from his injury of meniscus after undergoing surgery and is available to be under the orders of Carlo Ancelottias the Italian coach assured in the press conference prior to the match against The Palms: “Arda is back, he needs to get used to the team’s game. What he has shown in this time is that he is a great talent, he has that in his genetics.”

A talent that the madridista fans is looking forward to seeing on the tapestry of Santiago Bernabeu. The young Turkish pearl has awakened in the white fans the need and illusion to be able to glimpse the Chamartín stadium’s intrinsic quality. Arda Güler generates in his fellow Merengue an uncontrollable enthusiasm that is contagious through his innocence and his flashes of rebellious football. Flashes typical of that player who it goes out of every canon and he is capable of inventing resources outside the norm, as was seen in the few training sessions he played before his injury.

It goes very well: Güler’s roulette that leaves Madrid fans amazed

These resources and flashes will be able to ‘come on stage’ this Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabéu against Las Palmas. Ancelotti will include the former Fenerbahce player on the squad list and it is expected that he will be able to count on minutes throughout the match. Thus, Arda Guler would make his official debut with the white shirt 83 days later of his signing.

A surprise and unrepeatable arrival

Your landing in the capital of Spain It was a bit unexpected.. When everything pointed to his departure for Barcelona, The footballer decided to sign for the 14-time European champion, thus beginning an unbreakable idyll with the Madrid fans. A hobby that took to the streets in search of getting a snapshot or a souvenir with the new white promise. The player received affection from the first moment, and that made it clear to me: “I’m not going to go out on loan, I want to be a legend at Real Madrid.”

Portada de MARCA con Arda Güler.

The white players already saw in the first training sessions that He was a special and different player. “It must be said that she has a great talent for her age. She has a very, very fine left foot. And she will bring it out many times.” He is one of those talents that asks: ‘How do you do that?’ She wants clues and advice”, afirmaba Toni Kroos sobre Arda Guler.

The Turk was one of the most acclaimed players in the Real Madrid preseason in the United States. He would be in one of the training sessions during the American tour, When would the injury to his knee occur?. At first it was thought to be an overload, but tests confirmed that it had damaged meniscus in his right kneeso the player headed back to Spain without making his debut.

This was Arda Güler’s last conversation with the head of Madrid’s medical services

The injury cut short his debut

On August 14, back in the capital, the player underwent surgery and began a recovery process. The estimated sick leave time at that time It was a month and a halfan estimate that the footballer has fulfilled by following all the deadlines step by step.

In the middle of September, Arda stepped onto the playing field again and began to train alone on the grass. Days after, he rejoined his colleagues and did part of the training with the group. And in the last training sessions, He has already been able to complete all the sessions normally.

Arda Güler in training prior to the match against Las Palmas.

This has made him available so that Ancelotti can count on him if he requires it. And so it has been. The player will enter the list against Las Palmas and it is likely that tomorrow he will make his debut in the white shirt at the Bernabéu. It’s official, Arda Güler is back. The magic returns, the invented flashes of quality. The illusion returns. The white fans smile.

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