Archery Athlete Jean Pizarro Nominated as Puerto Rico’s Flag Bearer for Santiago 2023 Pan American Games

Archery will submit its athlete Jean Pizarro as a candidate for flag bearer for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games, Pizarro himself reported

“Soon, federation personnel will submit it,” said Pizarro, who is also the president of the Puerto Rico Archery Federation. “It is an honor to be considered for these occasions and to put archery in the news.”

Archers Adrián Muñoz, Nilka Cotto and Paula Ramírez will also be present at Santiago 2023, Pizarro said.

National federations have until Monday to submit their candidates for flag bearers.

Pizarro is also the president of the Puerto Rico Archery Federation since the last Olympic cycle. Its dual function, which can create conflicts, has not been questioned by Copur. Pizarro is also the main exponent of archery in the country.

The compound archer won gold at the San Salvador 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games in the individual event. In those same competitions he competed for bronze in the mixed event with Ramírez.

Worldwide, Pizarro currently occupies eleventh place in the ranking and third in America, below the American James Lutz (5) and the Mexican Miguel Becerra (7).

On the other hand, Pizarro confirmed to this medium that he was in Mexico last weekend wearing Colombian clothing and as coach of the Colombian Sara López in the World Cup final held in Mexico. López, who is partnered with Pizarro, won the event for the sixth time. There was no participation of Puerto Ricans in that competition.

This medium received information about this apparent conflict from a federative president of one country supporting an athlete from another country as a coach. Colombia and Puerto Rico are regional and continental rivals in archery. The competition also coincided with the celebration at the Olympic Hostel in Salinas with the celebration of the Puerto Rican national championship.

Pizarro said that participations like his with Colombia are common in archery. He also sent this media a letter that evidences and approves the practice. The letter has the logo of World Archery, which governs the sport worldwide, is dated February 2022, is signed by the secretary general of World Archery, Tom Dielen, and refers to “athletes who accredit other athletes as coaches in international competitions.”

“This practice is common at events, especially when the athlete is not accompanied by a coach or needs or wants another coach,” the letter reads. “The eligibility of the athlete who receives that type of assistance from personnel who are not from the nation they represent is not affected in any way because World Archery’s eligibility rules only apply to the athlete’s category. Coaches, officials, guests and other categories of accredited personnel do not apply to the eligibility rules.

Pizarro explained that he attended as López’s coach because López’s coach had a family situation to attend to and did not travel to Mexico.

Pizarro added that in the men’s branch of the World Cup, champion Mathias Fullerton, from Denmark, won in Mexico with American athlete Braden Gellenthien as coach and in Danish clothing.

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