Anderlecht’s Messy Start Ends in Last-Minute Dramatic Draw Against Kortrijk

Anderlecht started in Kortrijk without mercato eye-catchers Schmeichel and Hazard. The latter was allowed to sit on the bench and saw a messy start in which his team quickly took the upper hand. Amuzu hit the underside of the crossbar after a dribble.

Kortrijk mainly tried to defend compactly, but actually took the lead. Sardella was caught by the fast De Neve, who completed a long run with a shot under Dupé. KVK could hardly enjoy the 1-0, because a minute later an attempt by Dolberg deviated into the goal.

Avenatti responded with a bouncing header, but after that it was Anderlecht that took over. However, Amuzu in particular showed himself to be too timid in finishing. Rits then mowed next to the ball.

There was initially little to do in the second half. Dupé also seemed to have dozed off. Anderlecht’s goalkeeper played poorly again. after which Debast had to hit the ball out of the square. The Purple & White with ten and a penalty for Kortrijk, converted by Avenatti.

Anderlecht’s ten remaining players could not make a fist. Kadri ruled like a general in midfield and the visitors had no energy left. Until Kana, on loan from Anderlecht, received a second yellow card.

Ten against ten it was a battle of nerves. An excellent Vandenberghe seemed to help Kortrijk get that long-awaited victory, but deep into the added time, Dreyer broke the hearts of the Guys with a wonderful cross-corner bang.

2023-09-17 22:09:23
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