An error by Pacheco condemns Espanyol in Tenerife

As already announced at a press conference Luis Garcia, Espanyol coach, Tenerife was not going to be an easy scenario for his team. The parakeets had lost second position in the table after Leganés’ victory and were forced to win, but defensive errors (Pacheco gave a goal to Gallego) and lack of offensive efficiency left them without points.

The parakeet team had a good start, became owner of the ball and enjoyed the skills of his most important players. A shot from Melamed from the front and a header from Pere Milla were the most dangerous plays in the first moments of the game. As the minutes passed, the spanish He was executing the plan that Luis García had designed: not to back down under the rival’s pressure and generate danger from the initial plays. However, a glaring error by Fernando Pacheco, who tried to dribble (unluckily) past Enric Gallego, led to Tenerife’s first goal and the only one of the match.

In any case, Espanyol continued to press, but finishing the actions was not an easy task, especially knowing that Tenerife had only conceded three goals so far this campaign. Likewise, towards the 18th minute Espanyol had already taken scornerswhich demonstrates the insistence of the parakeets on equalizing the match after their goalkeeper’s error.

Espanyol generated danger but showed insecurity: their defenses were not solid in clearances and their midfielders and forwards lost too many balls in the midfield area. Nevertheless, Milla pears had a very clear opportunity after Braithwaite He won the dispute against one of the Tenerife central defenders, but in the end he could not materialize it. On the other hand, Puado missed a one-on-one that he decided to end with a Vaseline that went into the side of Juan Soriano’s goal.

The start of the second half predicted less excitement, although as the minutes progressed that feeling faded. Espanyol was forced to be more vertical and use its most effective players so that the Tenerife pulled back (and it did). Despite this, Espanyol once again had one of those defensive lapses that are increasingly common in the Perica defense. Enric Gallego finished off at will a ball that would have made it two to zero if it weren’t for the fact that the action was invalidated due to offside.

The second half of the match was similar to the first, the Barcelona team showed defensive deficiencies, but he managed to approach the rival goal with virulence. It was a very dynamic and fleeting encounter in almost all of its phases, which ended up exhausting many of the players.

That’s what he diagnosed Luis Garcia, who decided to replace Calero with Sergi Gómez. The central defender from Valladolid was tired after having to come down from the rival field (the ranks were advanced to attack closer to Juan Soriano’s goal) to cover several counterattacks by Tenerife. The Espanyol coach wanted to give freshness to the team by renewing players in certain positions (Melamed and Lozano were replaced by Salvi and Expósito, respectively). Furthermore, he debuted (shyly) Alvaro Aguadoa parakeet signing that arrived free from Valladolid.

Espanyol, out of the direct promotion places

As the end of the match approached, Espanyol increasingly wanted that goal that Tenerife defended very well. The parakeets advanced their ranks even further, but Tenerife’s strong defense and its solid blocks made it difficult for the parakeets to arrive, as they completed 28 lateral crosses in total.

Luis García’s men tried in every possible way until the end of the match, but Tenerife had gained a lot of confidence during the match and made all of Espanyol’s attempts to, even if only, score pointless. Now the parakeets are third in the LaLiga Hypermotion classification, after Leganés snatched second place. Only two points separate Espanyol from the leader, who also lost their match, but, again, if they want to return to the direct promotion They will have to make those defensive imbalances that are penalizing them so much disappear.


Espanyol: Pacheco, Omar El Hilali, Cabrera, Calero (Sergi Gómez 63′), Brian Oliván (Ramón Ramos 72′), Pol Lozano (Edu Expósito 63′), Keidi Baré (Álvaro Aguado 81′), Javi Puado, Nico Melamed ( Salvi Sánchez 72′), Pere Milla, Martin Braithwaite.

Tenerife: Juan Soriano, Mellot, José León, José María Amo, Medrano, Álex, Sergio (Yan Bodiger 90′), Waldo Rubio (Mo Dauda 72′), Luismo Cruz (Teto 80′), Enric Gallego (Ángel 80′), Roberto López (Jesús Berza 90′).

Goals: 1-0 Enric Gallego (16′),

Referee: Arcediano Monescillo (Shot). He warned Brian Olivan (13′), Pere Milla (75′), Luismi Cruz (78′) and Yan Bodiger (95′).

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