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Sport, health, positive values. Where there are these elements there is also Cerba HealthCare Italya group active in our country with more than 400 medical centers, which it supports Cupra Ghost Padel – Darsena Derbythe event that from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 September in Milan turns the spotlight on Ghost Padel, a more spectacular version of padel with innovative and engaging rules: on a playground set up on the water showbiz personalities and Rossoneri legends and athletes united by a shared passion will compete.

Part of the proceeds from the event, organized by AKA4 and First Class PR, will be donated to the project “I Cheer Positively” of Comunità Nuova onlus, dedicated to spreading the values ​​of sport among young generations.

«Sport is health and has a positive and invaluable social impact: this is the message that we have always been committed to supporting – explains Stefano Massaro, CEO of Cerba HealthCare Italia –. We decided to support the Ghost Padel event because it manages to convey the positive values ​​of sport. For us it is positive that the event has particular attention to the “Io Tifo Positivo” initiative, focused on educating children and young people in mutual respect, healthy competition and clean cheering. We are therefore proud to participate and we will do so actively”.

Cerba HealthCare Italia is a point of reference for sports medicine. In addition to supporting athletes of all levels with competitive and non-competitive sports fitness certifications, it offers visits, consultations, tests and solutions to improve training, performance and above all health and well-being.

«Thanks to our sports medicine centers – explains Laura Daturi, Regional Executive Officer Lombardy di Cerba HealthCare Italywe can assist athletes in specialized areas such as nutrition science, food supplementation, exercise physiology, cardiology, always paying the utmost attention to every aspect of prevention. With numerous facilities present in Lombardy and other Italian regions, we ensure our services to thousands of patients of all ages, disciplines and levels of sporting preparation”

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