Almirón’s total happiness and the rescheduling request against River | Boca wants to change the date of the classic because it falls in the middle of the semifinals against Palmeiras

Boca’s qualification for the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores caused perhaps the greatest joy for Jorge Almirón since he became the team’s coach. For this reason, after the definition by penalties, the coach did not hesitate to ensure that he was in “a state of total happiness for being among the four best in America.” But in the midst of the celebration, he had time to ask that the calendar be “accommodated” in the League Cup since the dates of the semifinals against Palmeiras in Libertadores were interspersed with the superclassic against River.

“My state of happiness is total because we are among the four best in America because we reached that stage against a great team, after not having achieved the advantage at home in the first leg,” Almirón said at the press conference after game . “And then, on penalties, the precision of the players allowed us to advance after two even matches. And of course, Sergio Romero is having a great time,” said the coach.

Almirón acknowledged that his team was outclassed in the first half, but then he rectified his course and had a chance to win before penalties. “In the second half, they went back to the basics of how the team had been working and with that they were closer to winning it in 90 minutes,” analyzed the coach, who appreciated not having to risk players who came with discomfort. like Valentin Barco. “The good thing is also that we were able to get through without running the risk of injury, because now there will be time to rest and recover everyone. Here we have very healthy competition on the squad,” he appreciated.

In his analysis, Almirón remarked that Boca was better in the balance of the 180 minutes, with a marked dominance in the first match at home and a more even process in the rematch in Avellaneda. “The series had us as the most dominant in the first leg at La Bombonera and tonight the development of the match was more balanced,” said the DT. “From locals and to be aggressive we played with a line of three in the first leg and today we started like that but at halftime we changed to a line of four to correct some things,” he clarified.

Already looking to the future, Almirón warned about the series of games that Boca will have in October, when they play the two semifinals in one week, with the superclassic against River in the middle of the two games against Palmeiras. “It is good that all the boys are confident to face a strong rival like Palmeiras. And since we are going to face them almost on the same dates that River will touch us, hopefully the calendar can be accommodated so that we both arrive on an equal footing of conditions”, said the coach, almost demanding a rescheduling to arrive fresher for the duels against the paulistas, first at home and then as a visitor to close the series.

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