Allianz alongside Vero Volley: new name for the first women’s team

Allianz and Vero Volley announce the partnership agreement that will give the first women’s volleyball team playing in Serie A1 the new name Allianz VV Milano.

The insurance group led by CEO Giacomo Campora is already Title Sponsor of the Allianz Cloud, the arena in Piazzale Stuparich already the scene of most of the internal challenges of the first “pink” team of the Consortium. With the new partnership, Allianz strengthens its bond with women’s volleyball and with the youth sector: it will in fact give the name Allianz VV Milano to the team led by coach Marco Gaspari, candidate for a season as a great protagonist in Italy and Europe with champions of the caliber of blue bearers Alessia Orro, Beatrice Parrocchiale, Myriam Sylla and Paola Egonu, together with many other international stars. Furthermore, the Allianz brand, the first global insurance brand, will also support all the youth teams of Viscontini, a historic company in the Milan area and of the Consortium, which will take the name Allianz Viscontini Milano.

Maurizio Devescovi, General Director of Allianz SpA explained: “It is with pleasure that we begin this journey together with Vero Volley. For Allianz it is not just a matter of placing its brand alongside a highly prestigious team, but of inserting a further piece into the common thread that unites all our sports sponsorships: attention to and investment in young people. We thus intervene on highly relevant social issues, directing young people to sport and the values ​​it brings with it, with a return both for them and for society as a whole”.

Alessandra Marzari, President of the Vero Volley Consortium, underlined: “I want to thank Allianz Italia for believing in us and for choosing to walk alongside us on this path. We will work with the usual determination, passion and integrity to honor this partnership and to bring Milanese women’s volleyball to the heights it deserves. With the desire to excel together at an international level, we will bring thousands of new practitioners in the area closer to the most educational sport for girls with significant social implications”.

The partnership agreement between Allianz and Vero Volley, which has a three-year duration starting from the 2023/2024 season, includes numerous joint activities, with a precise focus on ever-increasing promotion of volleyball and the youth sector, objectives that the Consortium supports since its foundation in 2008.

Vero Volley, inspired by the claim “Driven by Values”, has always transformed into its flag the most authentic values ​​of sport, their true meaning, their promotion and the practice of the activity with the development of a unique sporting culture proposal, without forgetting its commitment in the areas of social responsibility. Also for these reasons, the Consortium is the perfect partner to develop a common project together with Allianz, bringing volleyball to the Milan area in an increasingly important way.

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