Africa Youth Camp in Kigali: A Transformative Experience for Malagasy Coaches and Players

Africa Youth Camp in Kigali: A Transformative Experience for Malagasy Coaches and Players

The Africa Youth Camp in Kigali, Rwanda, reserved for coaches and young players, ended yesterday, September 28. Madagascar was represented by three members of a delegation led by Christiane Jaofera Minaoharisoa, coach of the BCF Club of Atsimo-Atsinanana. She took with her two young basketball players, in this case Theodora Voahangy Estelle Rakotomanana from the Ascut club in Atsinanana and Mbola Sahaza Rasolofonjanahary, from the ASA club in Analamanga. Thanks to this training, the young coach Christiane had her first international experience, and the two young basketball players their first international outing, far from their country. They were accompanied by the president of the Malagasy Basketball Federation, Jean Michel Ramaroson, as a member of FIBA ​​Africa. Everyone is satisfied with this experience. “It was a great opportunity for me and my two players to have experienced this good moment. It also gives us an opportunity to share what we have learned with others so that they can improve. It is also a moment to see the African level. What struck me the most was how demanding the experts were with details. It helped me a lot as a coach and I will use my experiences during my career,” says Christiane Jaofera Minaoharisoa. As for the two young Malagasy players, they say they are very satisfied with their first international experience. “We are well received here in Rwanda. It’s a beautiful, unforgettable experience. I have acquired great basketball training and I can’t wait to apply it within my team,” confides Theodora Voahangy Estelle Rakotomanana

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