AEK Athens secures victory against Brighton in Europa League Group Stage

AEK Athens he hit him for a visit Brighton. The Greeks suffered during the match, but with three important attacks Orbelin Pineda and company managed to get the three points on the first Matchday of the Europa League Group Stage.

It took 11 minutes for the visitor to surprise the game. AEK took advantage of the set piece to take the lead in the game after a corner kick Djibril Sidibé appeared unmarked on the edge of the area to take a header straight into the goal that the goalkeeper Steele he couldn’t save.

Despite the disadvantage, the English did not give up and after 20 minutes of insistence, Brighton managed to find themselves with the option of leveling the score. Joao Pedro fell inside the area at minute 30 and the referee decided not to call a foul, but after the intervention of the WAS, The whistler changed his opinion and scored the maximum penalty. Joao himself was in charge of collecting and scoring the equalizer and Brighton’s first goal in European competitions in their history.

Orbelín Pineda started and played 78 minutes, he even had the opportunity to return the lead to his team, but the Gaviotas defense managed to avoid the fall of their goal with a great sweep.

Five minutes before the first half Mijat Gacinović He put AEK ahead again, once again from a set piece. The midfielder took advantage of a goal to push the ball and put the game at 1-2.

As happened with Brighton’s first goal, the team tied thanks to VAR. Gerasimos Mitoglou He failed to clear the ball in time and ended up contacting an opponent’s leg. At first instance the referee did not call the foul, but after review he changed his mind and once again Joao Pedro tied the game.

When it seemed that the game would be tied, a counterattack from the visitor appeared. AEK concluded a quick move with a smashed shot from Ezequiel Ponce to score the final 3-1.

Brighton came very close to tying the game in added time, but found themselves an impassable Cican Stanković in the arch. Notably Rodolfo Pizarro He stayed on the bench the entire match.


2023-09-21 21:07:25
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