Actor Fritz Karl: Wiener Schnitzel – Sport

Fritz Karl: The actual meaning has not yet been revealed to me. Remain motionless and wait. Watching other people do sports is too boring for me.

Your current fitness level?

Worrying, could be because I have hypochondriacal traits.

Rim upswing or retreat?

Stop for a break – but not while skiing.

Was physical education for you?

First and foremost, encounters with the opposite sex.

Your personal record?

Three schnitzels.

Stadium visitors or television athletes?

Neither nor.

Bavaria or Sixty?

Rapid Vienna.

Your eternal sports idol?

Herminator Hermann Maier.

A formative experience?

Always coming second, behind my cousin Gerry, at the Traunkirchen ski club’s student club championships.

In which discipline would you be an Olympic champion?

If the discipline of learning text existed, I would be ahead.

Which athlete would you like to swap jerseys with?

With no one, it’s far too strenuous to constantly chastise yourself, train and be disciplined.

Under the “Formsache” section, the SZ asks people every week about their affinity for sport. Artists, politicians, captains of industry – just not athletes. It would be boring.


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