Aaron Rodgers’ Return to the Field: A Challenging Rehabilitation Journey

Aaron Rodgers He spoke last week after undergoing surgery for an Achilles tendon injury in his left leg. The quarterback commented on the possibility of returning for the current campaign and did not rule out the possibility, but a medical opinion could disappoint.

In an interview on the Jim Rome show, injury specialist Dr. David Chao talked about surgery and recovery from Aaron Rodgers where he highlighted that it may be difficult for him to return to the field sooner; although if he returns it will be thanks to his rehabilitation efforts.

“It’s a snowball’s chance of him playing this year, but if he does, it’s nothing directly related to the surgery. It’s just a matter of rehab and some limited play,” Chao said.

Let us remember that Aaron Rodgers insisted that he would seek to return sooner than expected, since he uses as motivation those who doubt that he will play football again due to his age.

“So give me your doubts, give me your predictions and then watch what I do. Definitely some odds were against me based on age, but I like it. Stack all the odds against me and see what happens,” he said. Rodgers in an interview with The Pat McAfee Show.

Aaron Rodgers focuses on his rehabilitation

The veteran quarterback has indicated that he has stayed informed about his injury, so he focuses every day on his rehabilitation.

“All my focus and dedication is on acquiring as much information as possible. And then, adding to what I’ve already put together, there’s a pretty good rehab plan that I think will surprise some people. I knew this type of rehab, I have friends that they had done it,” he said Rodgers.

How long will it take for Aaron Rodgers to return to the field?

Aaron Rodgers had a bitter season debut, after he had to leave the Monday Night Football game between the Buffalo Bills y New York Jets due to an injury to his left ankle.

A day later, an MRI revealed that the former player of the Green Bay Packers He had suffered an Achilles tendon injury, which is why he would stay away from the fields. After this news, many fans have the question: When will Aaron Rodgers return?

Aaron Rodgers

Seth Wenig / LaPresse

Doctors have warned that Aaron Rodgers He will face a great challenge to recover due to the injury he has suffered.

“At 40, it’s an uphill battle. Can Rodgers do it? Not only are these NFL quarterbacks the best in the world, but he’s one of the best of the best, a very competitive guy. It certainly works for him.” But based on the way your body ages, despite being a competitive, high-level athlete, it’s a difficult injury to recover from,” Dr. Ryan Minara of Mount Sinai Beth Israel told the New York Post.

On the other hand, it is rumored that Aaron Rodgers You will have a recovery time of nine months to a year, but it may take longer.

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