A Laracha City Council Offers Diverse Winter Program with 34 Disciplines for Children and Adults

The A Laracha City Council offers a total of 34 disciplines within the municipal winter program, of which fifteen are for children and nineteen for adults. New features include modern dance, like that on TikTok, as well as handball and digital photography. Proposals that were very well received in past editions are also maintained, such as indoor soccer, computing, crafts and drawing, as well as paddle tennis and skating. cooking for children, robotics and gaming, theater, archery, volleyball, chess and Zumba for minors.

Adults have a range of activities ranging from aerobics to bobbin lace, computer science, oil painting, macramé, paddle tennis, Pilates, tapestry, theatre, archery or Latin dance, among others. Maintenance gymnastics will be offered in the thirteen parishes so that rural seniors can attend. The registration period will open on September 20 for children and youth activities and on the 28th for the adult public.

2023-09-17 04:00:42
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