«A goal that puts the controversy to rest»- Corriere TV

The words during Reggiana-Cremonese. The footballer is awaiting a final sentence after being convicted of rape

«A wonderful goal, the first from Manolo Portanova, the most discussed man since the start of the season in Reggio Emilia, who split the fans with his first degree conviction for rape. Not many people wanted him, especially the Reggiana fans, but instead the ultras really wanted him, and he went to celebrate his first goal in the Championship right under the Granata curve.” This is what the reporter from «Tutto il calcio minute by minute» (Rai) expressed during the radio commentary of Reggiana-Cremonese. And then: «A truly wonderful goal that puts the controversy to rest even if we remember that in a few months there will be the appeal of the trial in Florence for gang rape. But let’s get back to sport.” The audio with the news cut that ended up in the eye of the storm was relaunched on —. If this is it, it can be a public service commentary.”

September 16, 2023 – Updated September 16, 2023, 8.30pm


2023-09-16 19:31:24
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