4,500 euros cost, 350 hours of work and Asturias as a motto: this was the derby typhus

This time, the reason for the tifo was simple: the match almost coincided with Asturias Day so it had to focus on a tribute to the region. There was no debate. What had to be decided was which symbols entered. “We were clear about some: Santina, a miner, a bear, Santa María del Naranco… And others we filled in on the map,” says Nacho Suárez, representative of the Fondo Norte. The result? A spectacular banner with which Carlos Tartiere welcomed Oviedo and Sporting before the derby match. Seen in perspective, the typhus was the closest moment to the spectacle on an afternoon in which good football was absent.

Above, some of the details of the mural. Above these lines, the figure of Rominger in the lakes of Covadonga. | NA / R. Oviedo

On the map that was displayed on the northern bottom of the Tartiere you could see the symbols described and some more: A granary, the Llanes Memory Cubes, a canoe on the Sella, Cudillero, a figure pouring, another playing the bagpipes… Even in the lower right corner you can see a cyclist from Clas-Cajastur (a cycling team he sported in the 90s) writhing on the bicycle. “It’s Tony Rominger,” confirms Suárez, in reference to the Swiss rider who, with the colors of the Asturian team, won three editions of the Vuelta a España between 1992 and 1994: “In the group there are many cycling lovers and we thought he was perfect together.” to the image of the Lakes of Covadonga”.

4,500 euros cost, 350 hours of work and Asturias as a motto: this was the derby typhus

The composition created by Symmachiarii was accompanied by several mottos, “we wanted to unite it with the pride, courage and strength of Real Oviedo”, and hence the result: “The value of our land. The strength of our people. The pride of Asturias”. The staging was impressive again, with the 65 meter wide by 20 meter long tifo accompanying the Ciudad de Oviedo bagpipe band performing “Asturias, beloved homeland” while the two teams took to the field. And it was the result of a lot of work behind it. According to Suárez’s calculations, between 4,000 and 4,500 euros and about 350 hours of work were invested in the last month and a half, when work began on the group’s room at the Carlos Tartiere. It was done in the most hermetic way, between only 8 people who knew the sketch, with the aim that nothing was leaked.

One of the vital steps is to overcome the safety filters that require that the materials must be fireproof. For this reason, a company is hired that applies a product and also issues a certificate verifying that the mural is fireproof. The cost is about 800 euros.

The match also served to season the conflict between fans. At half-time, another banner was taken out from the North End that said: “Teo learns to draw.” It was a critical message with the followers of the eternal rival. “We wanted to express the idea that tifos have to be made manually, not ordered,” says Suárez. Like the one who presided over the start of the game, the little tifo at half-time also passed the previous security procedures by presenting the sketch and receiving approval.

The murals presented on Saturday, after their brilliant staging, will continue the same brief life as their predecessors: the group will destroy them in the coming days.

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