22-Year-Old Breaks Into Love Rival’s House with Baseball Bat: Trouble Ensues

He breaks into his love rival’s house with a baseball bat late at night, trouble for the 22-year-old (On Saturday 23 September 2023)
Calvi Risorta. He was reported in a state of freedom by the carabinieri of the local station, il 22enne than last Nightin the small town of Calvi Risorta, in the province of Caserta, armed with a stick, visited his family rival in amore. The young man, swooped on casa of the student with whom his ex-girlfriend has recently established a romantic relationship, after having expressed his disappointment for their relationship, not accepting that he had been left, he threatened him by brandishing the stick and subsequently took to the street and with himself shattered the rear window of the car used by the boy. The immediate investigations carried out by the military following the complaint filed by the victim made it possible to identify the attacker, already known to the forces…Read on casertanotizie

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2023-09-23 14:50:56
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