Women’s World Cup 2023 | Irene Paredes, captain without a bracelet: “Criticism is part of our job”

When things go wrong, it is not a tasteful dish to have to go out and face the media and give explanations. Many and many footballers shy away from cameras and microphones and it is, or should be, the task of captains. TO Irene Paredes his bracelet was removed when he returned to the national team. However, he is always there. In good times and, above all, in bad.

And it is that the Basque center has lived a year full of ups and downs, personally and professionally. She was elected fifth captain of FC Barcelona in her second season at the club, with which she also won the long-awaited Champions League that did justice to a great career. She had the difficult role of speaking on behalf of the entire locker room when the fissure and conflict in La Roja was made public and she was branded a ‘leader’, when she was only exercising the role of representative and spokesperson for her. She was also criticized when she returned to the national team in April. Her father died days after proclaiming herself European champion with Barça and days before the concentration to prepare for the World Cup. However, she drew strength from where she did not have, always supported by her family, to leave her skin in the World Cup.

He has always spoken openly. Without avoiding questions. No evasions. Irene Paredes He was there at all the tough times mentioned and was there when Spain was thrashed by Japan in the last game of the World Cup group stage. He came out in the mixed zone after the match and also at the press conference that took place at the Newtown Park facilities in Wellington, New Zealand, just before traveling to Auckland for the duel against Switzerland.

To face

“You have to show your face, because of how important it is for us that all of you are here. When things go wrong, it costs a little more to go out and talk, but… It is that you have to talk. You have to show up. And although sometimes it is not to my liking, I know that it is what has to be done. And I do it without problems and delighted”he pointed out in the appearance.

And he added that “criticism doesn’t bother me, it’s part of our work, of our life. In the same way that we like that there are so many media outlets here covering the team at the World Cup, we are also exposed to more cane being given to us. It’s It is normal for us to be criticized and demanded of us, because we know what we can do and we are capable of giving more”.

The duel of eighths, on the horizon

Regarding the current moment of the selection in the World Cup, and with a life or death duel on the horizon, Paredes He acknowledged that “we are the first to have our feet on the ground. The objective is the same, but there may be bad days. The other day was very, very, bad. You have to find a balance, knowing that you have to work on certain points. The pressure thing… We don’t pay too much attention to what is said. You live and we live from this and it has to continue to be like that. But we know what the goal is and what we have to do”.

It will be a special match because the Legazpi defender will meet again with her teammate and friend Ana Maria Crnogorcevic. “I have a very good relationship with her, also at Barça I usually go with her in all the exercises we do, because we get very stung, we demand a lot from each other.”

“I would define her as an athlete, as an aunt who never gives up, who is a leader. Her physical qualities mean that she can play practically in any position and that she can go from box to box throughout the game. The other day she had 150 caps and This speaks of the experience he has. And he is capable of dragging the team and changing their state of mind”.

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